Join the $80K program to build your dapp in Linux with Cartesi

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Submit your application to join the Cartesi dapp Incubation program by October 12

Have you always wanted to build your very own dapp but were perhaps too intimidated by the complexity of it all? If you are a developer interested in dapps, Cartesi has some good news for you.

Cartesi, an innovator in the blockchain space, has announced the start of the Cartesi Dapp Incubation Program. Developers can apply for the program by October 12, 2020.

Furthermore, developers are invited to join two webinars to explain more about the Incubation program! The first one is on September 22 at 12pm EST and the second on September 29 at 12pm EST. Register for free using the link below.


The Cartesi dapp Incubation Program is a 3-month program that will reward the three most successful dapps with more than $80K total for building a Cartesi dapp.

Cartesi is the only infrastructure that allows developers to use a Linux development environment to build dapps, thus removing the blockchain learning curve and limitations.


You may request a budget of up to 20K USD, as long as it’s clearly justified by the amount of work involved in the development cycle and specified milestones.

Three teams will be selected to plan and build their dapps, which must be finalized within three months. You are free to build your dapp in your preferred industry. We are particularly interested in gaming, social impact, and DeFi dapps, but open to all ideas. 

At the end of the program, an additional $20K award in a matching pool will be distributed to the top three projects. The Gitcoin community gets to decide how those funds are distributed among the projects by “voting with their money” determined by a Quadratic Funding system.

Learn more at 


Submit your application to join the Cartesi dapp Incubation program by October 12, 2020, 00:00 ET.


Be at the forefront of a significant technology breakthrough! Get access to mentoring by experts in the blockchain. And be one of the 3 teams to share a total of 80K+ USD in winnings.

Submit your application to join the Cartesi dapp Incubation program by October 12

About Cartesi

Cartesi is special in the blockchain universe because it allows decentralized applications to run within a Linux environment. Complex processing can be executed off-chain, free from a blockchain’s computational limits and corresponding fees. Cartesi is chain-agnostic and developers won’t need to worry about the longevity of particular blockchains.

The vision is to make the development of dapps easy, scalable, and cost-efficient by incorporating tools developers already use and have evolved over the last 30 years. Cartesi will allow dapps to be closer to what we experience with regular apps we use every day, making the broader adoption of blockchain a reality.

Submit your application to join the Incubation program by October 12, 2020, 00:00 ET.

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