Join Algorand’s Build-a-Bull Hackathon & Compete for $200,000 in Prizes

Join Algorand’s Build-a-Bull Hackathon & Compete for $200,000 in Prizes

The global virtual hackathon will run from October 18 through November 15, 2023

The Build-A-Bull hackathon by Algorand gives builders, entrepreneurs, and innovators exposure to a network of VCs, partners, mentors, and judges. A prize pool of $200,000 in USDC in funding is available, coming from Algorand Ventures. In addition, let’s not forget the $5,000 USDC university prize that can be won by participating students. This Web3 hackathon event is not to be missed.


What is Algorand?

Algorand is a scalable, layer-1 blockchain designed for real-world impact. Its unique consensus mechanism provides speed and security, with minimal energy consumption and near-zero transaction fees. Conceived by the Turing Award-winning cryptographer and MIT faculty member Silvio Micali, Algorand stands out as a favored platform for builders and innovators who want to build powerful dapps, spanning across DeFi, gaming, social impact, and beyond, on advanced blockchain technology.  

In 2022, Algorand integrated with DappRadar, the world’s leading dapp store that tracks thousands of projects on over 50 blockchains. This collaboration boosts the visibility of Algorand dapps in the Web3 space and offers Algorand a place in the sought-after DappRadar Industry Rankings.

Central to Algorand’s design is its unique Pure Proof-of-Stake (PPOS) consensus mechanism, which sets it apart from many other blockchains. This system allows all Algo token holders to easily partake in block production and forms part of the fast, scalable, and carbon-neutral network. 

What is Build-a-Bull?

Over four weeks, the Build-A-Bull hackathon offers participants the chance to transform innovative ideas into viable startups under the guidance and mentorship of Algorand and Web3 experts.

Hackathon participants must choose one of the following tracks: 

DeFi: Break through the barriers of traditional finance, rewrite the rules of money, and build an inclusive future for all.

Consumer: Create a unified, transparent, and empowered user experience by developing consumer dApps, real-world assets (RWAs), and next-gen NFT utility.

Interoperability: Interoperability is a superpower. Make blockchains communicate, collaborate, and tackle the world’s challenges together.

Impact: Think big. Redefine what’s possible. Build real-world solutions that are sustainable and inclusive to improve the lives of billions.

Gaming: Ready to disrupt the gaming landscape? Unleash your creativity using the Unity SDK to design games that provide players with more control, ownership, and true value.

Build-a-Bull prizes and benefits

  • A $200,000 USDC funding pool provided by Algorand Ventures, divided across five tracks with prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
  • The ultimate grand prize: The top winners from each track will present their projects on a Grand Prize Demo Day for a chance to win an additional $10,000 USDC, Decipher 2023 tickets, and $25,000 in AWS credits. The community will determine the winner through an on-chain vote.
  • A special university prize: Student participants are eligible for a $5,000 USDC bonus prize in addition to their track prize.

Beyond the monetary prizes, participants can gain access to invaluable technical mentorship and support that facilitates the transformation of an idea into a scalable, dApp-based business.

The hackathon comes with other benefits. Participants can: 

  • Connect with elite investors from Algorand’s network, including QCP Capital, DWF Ventures, and Blockchain Capital.
  • Interact with influential judges, venture capitalists, and potential customers.
  • Benefit from the expertise of mentors and 24/7 Dev Rel support.

The hackathon boasts support from industry leaders such as AWS, Circle, Unity, Wormhole, Pera, Napster, and Gora.

How to participate


Before shaping the future of blockchain, remember to register! Registration is now open, and it’s free to register and compete. Each individual participant must register, regardless of whether they are solo or on a team. Post-registration, participants will receive an email with subsequent steps and project submission details. Sign up now, the entry period closes 1 November.

Hacking period

The hackathon starts from the moment you sign up to November 15—that’s your window to innovate and develop.  You can participate in various workshops during the hacking period in partnership with DoraHacks.


Build-A-Bull emphasizes fresh projects that began no earlier than six months prior to the hackathon start. But if you’ve been involved with another Algorand project or secured venture investments, you’re still in the game. Any project utilizing pre-existing code should declare it during the application, though third-party open-source code is exempt and encouraged.

Team formation

Registered and looking for a team or teammates? You’ll receive an email about how to form a team and an invitation to team formation sessions. You can also join the Algorand Discord Build-A-Bull channel. 

Submission essentials

When you’re ready to submit your project, ensure you have the primary team details, project name, teammate backgrounds, product logo, social handles, GitHub links, testing instructions, and a compelling 3-minute pitch deck that covers your introduction, problem, solution, market opportunity, and more.

You must submit your project on the hackathon platform, DoraHacks. Projects can be submitted up until November 15.

Hackathon results

The finalists will be announced around November 29 and will be entered into the Grand Prize Demo Day final on December 13.

Useful links

DoraHacks invites developers to join their workshops. They also want to facilitate the opportunity for networking, and allow developers to connect with potential teammates through their Discord.

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