Introducing The All-New DappRadar – The World’s Dapp Store

World's Dapp Store
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RADAR lies at the heart of its operations

Originally known for providing the most comprehensive and trusted overview of the decentralized applications (dapp) ecosystem. DappRadar last week announced its repositioning as the World’s Dapp Store. Revealing that the forthcoming RADAR token will lie at the heart of a fully decentralized business model. 

DappRadar, now The World’s Dapp Store, has grown immensely since its launch in 2018.  Focusing on the vision of a community-led ecosystem, today it counts 1 million monthly site visitors and over 8,000 dapps across 27 protocols. DappRadar also offers visitors comprehensive NFT marketplace tracking and their own portfolio management suite. 

While traditional app stores rely on customer reviews to rank applications, DappRadar instead utilizes a set of unique on-chain metrics tied directly to dapp activity and market growth. Letting users interact with the most established and promising dapps, rather than the ones that may have heavily incentivized customer reviews or potentially paid to be at the top of the list. Moreover, users are able to discover dapps organically, based on tangible metrics instead of hearsay.  

A personalized experience 

Our Portfolio Tracker allows DappRadar to provide more customized user experiences and wealth assessments. Fundamentally serving as the homepage of users’ digital life. It provides a starting point on DappRadar and a base from which to monitor and track personal dapp journeys and interactions, as well as a way to showcase digital collections visually and financially. With this, the platform offers a comprehensive user experience to dapp users, allowing them to seamlessly explore and track applications and assets, and react to market movements in real-time, via token swap and NFT trading capabilities. 

The core concept of bringing ease of use to dapps and a centrally accessible location has been carried over into everything we have accomplished. Our Portfolio Tracker is a personalized extension of our dapp tracking and analysis service that makes our original offering truly actionable. Now we are excited to add the missing piece, the RADAR token,“ says DappRadar CEO Skirmantas Januškas. 

By introducing its native token, RADAR, the dapp store aims to become a community-curated platform, with an ecosystem that is self-sufficient within the greater infrastructure of Web3 and the future of decentralization. The native token ensures the potential for greater governance within the DappRadar ecosystem. It will empower transparency, publicly available statistics, and metrics, and make multi-chain dapp discovery easy, data-led, and focused on actionable insight, whilst allowing the dapp store to scale.

To start your journey simply head to this landing page and input your wallet address. You will see all your tokens, NFT holdings, and net worth across all digital assets.

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