Introducing AirCash: A Community-driven, Decentralized OTC Exchange

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AirCash aims to become the go-to choice for crypto-fiat trading

Decentralized over-the-counter exchange AirCash is a community-driven crypto trading platform that makes crypto and fiat conversion extremely easy. It comes with benefits like a user-friendly trading experience, privacy protection, and no KYC required. 


  • AirCash is the cryptocurrency industry’s first and largest decentralized OTC platform that adopts a community-driven appeal handling procedure.  
  • AirCash has been gaining popularity over the past seven days, with unique users increasing by 38%, transactions by 51%, and volume by nearly 43%. 
  • The OTC exchange exists on the Binance blockchain
  • The native token AIR is the backbone of AirCash’s ecosystem.
  • AirCash will introduce AirCash Cloud and AirChain in the future. 

2021 marked a record-breaking year in crypto trading volumes, with centralized exchanges (CEXs) registering a trading volume of $14 trillion, a whopping 689% from $1.8 trillion in 2020. Notably, trades generated from over-the-counter (OTC) account for a large portion of this tremendous volume. 

For example, Coinbase, the leading crypto exchange, revealed that its OTC and prime brokerage volumes reached nearly $88 billion in Q4 2021. OTC connects users directly with the counterparty, enabling them to trade at an agreed price while minimizing transaction risk against slippage and market impact. 

However, most crypto OTCs available in the market work in a centralized way, meaning that they do not grant users complete control over their accounts and assets. To address this problem, AirCash brings full decentralization to the OTC trading experience. It allows users to start trading simply by signing in with their Web3 wallets, such as MetaMask.

What is AirCash

AirCash is a pioneer decentralized OTC platform in the cryptocurrency industry. It allows users to trade crypto with fiat wherever they are and with whatever payment methods they prefer, such as bank transfers or digital wallets like PayPal. 

Boasting a streamlined interface, easy-to-use functionalities, and decentralized nature, AirCash has been gaining traction due to these features. It is worth noting that the dapp has seen impressive growth in metrics over the past seven days, with unique users increasing by 38%, transactions by 51%, and volume by nearly 43%. 

To safeguard the decentralization and fairness of the AirCash platform are the Witnesses and Congresses. As the judges of the AirCash system, these roles consist of community members, with tasks including tackling appeals, protecting the trustworthy traders, and punishing the scammers. Therefore, the decision-making is community-driven, transparent, and democratic. Furthermore, being an impartial Witness or Congress means you contribute to the fairness of the platform. As a result, successfully dealing with one appeal qualifies the Witness for the reward of 1 million AIR and the Congress 10 million AIR, AirCash’s native token.   

AirCash’s tokenomics explained

AIR is AirCash’s ecosystem token. It facilitates the functioning and governance of the AirCash platform in various ways. First, to become a merchant who provides liquidity and market-making service on AirCash’s platform requires users to lock 10 billion AIR. For Witness and Congress members, 100 billion and 1 trillion, respectively. The token metrics are as follows:

  • 10,000 trillion AIR hard cap
  • 9,555 trillion AIR burnt
  • 50 trillion AIR and 200 BNB are added for PancakeSwap liquidity
  • 353 trillion AIR was locked within an NFT smart contract.

What does the future hold for AirCash?

AirCash strives to provide different users with more liquidity, reduce counterparty risk, and offers entry points for various trading strategies. Only by understanding the technical side of the project can AirCash achieve these goals, and AirCash takes every opportunity to do so. For instance, the team is participating in the BNB hackathon and has completed several milestones. 

In the future, AirCash will launch AirCash Cloud to help partners develop their OTC systems. This service aims to add more diversity to cater to users’ different trading needs. Last but not least, AirCash will aid the mass adoption of the cryptocurrency industry by building a new blockchain dubbed as AirChain. This will allow blockchain green-hands to enjoy the benefit of crypto trading without any difficulties.   

Find out more about AirCash:

AirCash Website

AirCoin DAO Lab Website





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