Internet cats, Beeple and CryptoPunks dominate Top 10 NFT Sales

Top 10 NFT Sales March 7-14

Sorare, F1 Delta Time, and Somnium Space had remarkable sales as well

In the week Christie’s auctioned a Beeple NFT artwork for $69 million, most of the interesting transactions happened outside of the top 10. Lots of value has been going around in CryptoPunks and Beeple art, but collectors have also rediscovered classic projects like CryptoCats and Moon Cats.

Top purchases this week have been dominated by Beeple and CryptoPunks, where two $7.5 million alien punks caught the spotlight. The real eye-catcher is of course the sale of Beeple’s Everydays: The First 5000 Days, which was auctioned by Christie’s for $69 million. 

CryptoPunks and Beeple art are familiar faces in the list of top sales, but in this top ten there’s also Gronk. The Gronk series are digital collectibles by Rob Gronkowski, one of the most famous players in the NFL. He sold several collectibles, but the sale of an unique card for $428 thousand really stood out.

Top 10 NFT Sales – March 8-14

  1. Beeple – Everydays: The First 5000 Days (Christie’s) – $69 million
  2. CryptoPunks – punk 7804 – $7.56 million / 4.200 ETH (see the owner)
  3. CryptoPunks – punk 3100 – $7.51 million / 4.200 ETH (see the owner)
  4. CryptoPunks – punk 3393 – $941.660 / 500 ETH (see the owner)
  5. CryptoPunks – punk 3011 – $730.420 / 400 ETH (see the owner)
  6. CryptoPunks – punk 1839 – $615.380 / 360 ETH (see the owner)
  7. Beeple – Politics is Bullshit (2/100) – $615.840 / 333.33 ETH (see the owner)
  8. Beeple – Bull Run (120/721) – $599.800 / 333 ETH (see the owner)
  9. Beeple – Politics is Bullshit (83/100) – $498.840 / 278.88 ETH (see the owner)
  10. Gronk – Career Highlight Refractor Card 1/1 – $428.850 / 229.81 ETH (see the owner)

Gaming shines outside Top 10

The fantasy football game Sorare recorded a new top sale. The project has been a top performer in the DappRadar dapp rankings for many months, generating consistent trading volume. However, real top purchases stay behind. Until now. An unique card of Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo changed hands for 150 ETH or $288.300. Making it the biggest purchase on the platform so far. 

With two high sales, the racing game F1 Delta Time also had a memorable week. They auctioned an Apex 70th Anniversary Edition racing car for 987.000 REVV or $274.190. In addition, the 2020 Australia Edition sold on the secondary market for 1.2 million REVV, or $292.650.

When it comes to virtual worlds, we should definitely mention Somnium Space. On the secondary market an XL land parcel sold for 140 ETH or $261.930. That would be just the land, without anything built on top of it. However, that’s something the buyer can do themselves.

Cats going crazy

Among the most remarkable NFT stories from last week, are two forgotten NFT projects on the Ethereum blockchain. By the end of last week, some collectors rediscovered forgotten projects like CryptoCats and Moon Cats. These projects were still available on the blockchain, but hardly anybody paid attention to them. However, both collectibles launched in 2017 and can be seen as one of the oldest NFT series ever… aside from CryptoPunks of course. 

Collectors jumped in quickly and bought as much as they could. As a result of all this speculation, Cat 488 from the CryptoCats series sold for a mind-boggling $361.180 or 200.69ETH. At the same time, the trading volume of MoonCats brought the project to second place in the DappRadar NFT Rankings in the past 24 hours, behind CryptoPunks and in front of projects like NBA Top Shot, Rarible, Sorare, and newcomer Aavegotchi.

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