Instagram and Crypto Influencer Irene Zhao Sees DAO NFTs Skyrocketing

Instagram and Crypto Influencer Irene Zhao Sees DAO NFTs Skyrocketing
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Over $6.1 million in trading volume for 1107 membership NFTs

Irene Zhao has been a crypto influencer for quite some time now, and her IreneDAO project is now seeing the benefits of her popularity in the space. In the past 24 hours, the IreneDAO NFT collection attracted 430% more traders and boosted its floor price by 2847% to around $9800.

The spike in activity for IreneDAO is not surprising, as the collection is very new. The Tribe Pass NFTs, which give owners access to the DAO, launched on January 14th. The mint was completely free, aside from gas fees. As there are only 1107 passes available, activity on secondary markets is booming. Irene Zhao has more than 129.000 followers on Twitter and 375.000 on Instagram. This means that only about 0.22% of her followers can own a pass and participate in the DAO.

Importantly, the scarcity of this collection and Irene Zhao’s massive social media following had a big impact on the activity for the Tribe Pass NFTs. Considering the huge Twitter hype, and Irene Zhao’s popularity on social media, the IreneDAO project saw its stats go green immediately after launch.

As activity for the collection went through the roof, its market cap is now valued at more than $10 million. In the past 24 hours alone, IreneDAO attracted $4.32 million in trading volume. The floor price for the NFTs is now 2 ETH, and supposedly all trading fee royalties go to the IreneDAO. 

What is the Irene Zhao DAO all about?

IreneDAO is a global grassroots movement aimed at disrupting the creator economy. Importantly, all NFTs in the IreneDAO collection present Zhao’s views on the blockchain space. Some include meme-type jokes, others feature popular crypto terms.

The main goal of IreneDAO is to promote an accepting and inspirational creative environment for crypto fans like Irene Zhao. Zhao doesn’t only post photos on Instagram, she’s building a web3-powered social media platform named SoCoL.

At the time of writing, IreneDAO’s Discord has over 3000 members. Impressively, the DAO already has its first community proposal, just days after the official launch. The proposal asks the community whether they would like Irene to collaborate with Ghozali Ghozalu. Ghozalu is a creative artist who took pictures of himself every day for the span of 5 years. This totaled more than 1825 individual images which he sold as NFTs. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring IreneDAO, as the creative community picks up on the news. Irene Zhao is an important figure in the crypto space and her influence has had a huge effect on the popularity of the IreneDAO NFT collection. To track the most up-to-date sales data for Tribe Passes, check out DappRadar PRO. PRO gives you access to data from as little as the last 15 minutes. It also makes you a part of DappRadar’s very own community government Discord channels. 

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