How to Play and Win: Trouble Punk

trouble punk

Enter the arena and fight for rewards in this intense battle royale game

Trouble Punk is an action game with battle royale gaming elements. But what sets it apart from other games in its genre is the inclusion of play-and-earn features, allowing players to earn rewards in various game modes. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to gaming, Trouble Punk offers a challenging yet rewarding experience.


What is Trouble Punk?

Trouble Punk is an action-packed fighting game that uses the Unity engine to give you battles across various game modes. Whether you’re into the heart-pumping action of battle royale, the competitive nature of tournaments, or other formats, this game has something for you. 

The game boasts stunning graphics, featuring detailed character designs and immersive environments that will transport you to colorful and dynamic arenas. It’s also worth mentioning that the game’s controls are smooth and highly responsive. It allows you to easily execute complex moves and combos.

Plot and Characters

The story begins when Cyber Galz get stuck in the Trouble Punk universe due to the failure of a mainnet merge. In order to return to reality, Cyber Galz have to fight against other characters from various mainnets. 

As the game’s main character, Cyber Galz also exists as a collection of PFP NFTs. As of the latest trading stats, the total volume of the NFTs traded on various marketplaces is 260 ETH, indicating strong demand for these collectible pieces among collectors and traders. The floor price for Galz NFTs is currently at 0.1099 ETH.

The game also features other characters such as Max, a repairman looking for his crush Bubbling; Bubbling, a mischief-maker who joins a gangster group; Momo, a cheerful soldier who gets addicted to gambling; Wingstar, the 11th reinforced human built solely for combat; and Poby, a hardworking boxer fighting for justice.

The characters are designed with round and chunky figures armed with daily life items. Moreover, the art concept adopts colorful and vivid graphics to present a friendly and positive impression to those unfamiliar with Web 3.0 and P2E.

How to start playing Trouble Punk?

In Trouble Punk, up to 8 players can compete in a game at once. The game takes place in a limited time frame. There will be coins dropped in the game that can be picked up by players. You must gather as many coins as possible during the game time, because the more you collect, the higher your chances of winning. 

Players can fight using a variety of weapons, including guns and melee weapons, to take down their opponents and gather points.

One interesting aspect of Trouble Punk is that it supports free-to-play, so players don’t need NFTs or other crypto assets to enjoy the gameplay. However, those who want to join in play-and-earn aspects of the game, can connect their crypto wallet holding an NFT and tokens to start their journey. 

These are the assets you would need to play and earn:

  • Genesis Cyber Galz NFT
  • Stablecoin
  • TROB token

Key controls

The image below shows the key controls in Trouble Punk.

The play-to-earn mechanics explained

The play-to-earn (P2E) features in Trouble Punk allow players to participate in leagues and tournaments and earn rewards for their performance. When a player joins a league, they are automatically assigned to the one that matches their skill level. A league fight consists of 8 matches, and players must perform well in those matches to be eligible for rewards.

The reward system in Trouble Punk is divided into two parts. The top 80% of players receive withdrawable rewards, while the bottom 20% receive withdrawal-disabled rewards. But they can still use them in the game.

What are the cryptocurrencies in Trouble Punk?

Cryptocurrencies or crypto tokens play a significant role in Trouble Punk and are essential to kick off the play-and-earn mechanism. 

The game requires three types of cryptos for play-to-earn: NFTs, stablecoins (USDC and USDT), and TROB. First, players will need Genesis Cyber Galz NFTs to join the play-and-earn environment. Borrowing NFTs from sponsors is an option for those who don’t have their own. In this case, when users borrow assets, they must share their rewards with their sponsor.

Stablecoins and TROB are also necessary. This is because players need to pay an entry fee to join the tournament, which in turn will form a prize pool. Players need to deposit up to 70% of the game participation fee in stablecoins, and the remainder in TROB. 

For example, if the entry fee for a tournament is $10, players need to pay $7 in stablecoins and $3 in TROB.

Such a design helps to minimize price volatility for TROB token holders. In the future, additional NFTs may be issued, and collaborations with other projects are in the pipeline.

More about TROB

TROB is a token used in the Trouble Punk game. It has several utilities, including serving as rewards to game participants, a payment method for in-game items, granting holders the right to participate in the governance of the Trouble Punk game, and more. 

Trouble Punk is part of Yooldo’s multiverse gaming platform

Yooldo, the multiverse game platform, aims to create a sustainable P2E ecosystem. It lets users have enjoyable experiences while earning and sharing social and financial benefits. This new platform will have multiple game spaces, among which is Trouble Punk. 

On top of that, the platform also envisions a metaverse workplace where game enthusiasts can build their careers. The type of participation can be varied. Users can be players who join the games to earn rewards. Alternatively, they can join the ecosystem as sponsors who lend their NFTs to other players and share players’ rewards. 

Finally, check out the video below, which gives you a nice walkthrough of Trouble Punk. 

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