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How to Play Win Earn Tiny World
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You may have missed this third-ranked game on BNB Chain.

Tiny World is an NFT-powered GameFi universe. It offers users various ways to earn lucrative rewards through its gameplay. The team behind Tiny World has created a unique experience that combines NFT, DeFi, and gaming, where players can collect over 100 Tiny Hero NFTs, send them on epic journeys, and fight in battles.


As play-to-earn games grew in popularity, gaming developers are venturing into different genres and experimenting with novel gameplay to fulfill players’ arising needs. Obviously, the competition in this field is fiercer than ever. 

As a result, finding the crème de la crème in an ocean of games can be a challenge for users, and DappRadar can help! With DappRadar Game Ranking, users can quickly discover the most popular games across various blockchain networks. From time to time, we also bring our readers in-depth guides to these games.

Last month, we featured Tiny World, a play-to-earn game, in our Hottest Games on BNB Chain article. Since then, the game has been flying high, going from 10,000 to 48,000 users in 30 days. 

If you’ve never explored this game before, or are looking for your next GameFi opportunity, then this ultimate guide to Tiny World is for you.

What is Tiny World?

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Tiny World is a blockchain game universe combining NFT, DeFi, and gaming to give users a unique play and earn experience. The game features many tiny little cute characters that players can use in the gameplay and own as NFTs. Furthermore, Tiny World’s product matrix consists of two parts: Tiny Games and Tiny Farm. 

Currently, two games are available under Tiny Games: Tiny Kingdom and Tiny Dungeon. Tiny Kingdom is an idle trading game where players use their free time to battle and get profit from trading. The other, called Tiny Dungeons, is a simulation game with a tower defense mechanism. 

Apart from games, Tiny World allows users to enjoy a sophisticated DeFi experience in the form of Tiny Farm. Its DeFi mechanics include yield aggregator, liquidity mining, staking, farming, and much more.

What are the NFTs in Tiny World, and how to get them?

Tiny Hero NFT is one of the most crucial in-game of Tiny World. Tiny Hero characters take their influence from historical figures from across the globe. Players can utilize these ERC-1155 NFTs in DeFi mechanics and gameplay, such as battling and dungeon exploration. 

Initially, players need to summon Tiny Hero NFTs using another type of NFTs, Summon Runes. It is worth noting that Summon runes cannot be traded on the marketplace. Players need to buy them from the platform.

Apart from minting Heros with Summon Runes, users can obtain them directly from Tiny World’s marketplace.

What’s the in-game currency?

TINY COIN(TINC) is a primary component of Tiny World’s player-driven economy. It incentivizes players who actively interact with its games and rewards developers who contribute to the development of the ecosystem. 

TINC serves many purposes. Players can purchase NFTs such as Summon Runes and Tiny Heros with TINC. Moreover, many Tiny Games scenarios require players to spend TINC, such as purchasing tools, expanding inventory slots, etc.

But most importantly, TINC is the vehicle that enables Tiny World’s play-to-earn mechanism to be sustainable. We’ll get into the details in the next section.

How can you make money playing Tiny World?

TINC has a meticulously-designed circular economic model. Users can reap the rewards from it in various ways. 

Tiny Vault

Tiny Vault is a yield optimizer that allows Tiny World users to have the best yield possible on the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. In addition, users can stake certain Liquidity-Provider (LP) Tokens into the Tiny Vault smart contract to start receiving rewards.

NFT Yield Farming

Tiny Farm brings users a unique farming mining pool for monetizing their Tiny Hero NFTs. Users can form an exploration team with their Tiny Hero NFTs and stake them to earn TINC. 

It is important to remind players that Tiny Heros have different rarities and attributes that affect their earning power. The higher the rarity, the more powerful Heros will be during mining. In addition, players can follow specific rules to upgrade their Heros to boost their earnings.

Play games

As expected from play-to-earn games, Tiny Games offers multiple ways for users to enjoy perks while exploring the game. For example, players can join Tiny Kingdom battles to climb the leaderboards to win rewards. If crashing the ranking is not exciting enough for you, go to Tiny Dungeon and build your own dark world. 

In Tiny Dungeon, amazing rewards will rain down upon your land, and it gets even more competitive! In the world of Dungeon, where the laws of the jungle apply, players can send their squads to loot other Dungeons!  

Tiny World made its way to the market in March 2022. Impressively, it has gained lots of traction due to its variety of DeFi-powered features and an expansive ecosystem. If you want to learn more about Tiny World, go to its single dapp page, and you will find all the data-drive information there. 

DappRadar equips users with a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of the current GameFi and P2E landscape. With our Game of the Week series, users can learn more about the most popular NFT games today. And most importantly, how to play and win like a pro! 

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