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how to play and win playmining
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Learn everything you need to know about PlayMining with this ultimate guide by DappRadar

The PlayMining team strives to create a versatile NFT gaming platform to promote the global GameFi trend. The platform now has over 2 million players from 100 countries. Today’s Game of the Week will explain how to play and win in PlayMining. 


PlayMining is a game platform filled with Japanese manga elements. However, what is so impressive about this dapp is its steadily excellent data performance. According to DappRadar’s single dapp page tracking, PlayMining has been recording over 20,000 active users per day since 2022.

This number is a solid testament to the platform’s appeal to users. In addition, we have observed that PlayMining is one of the dapps with the most Boost Power from users, having received 170,000 power to date.

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What is PlayMining?

PlayMining is a gaming platform created by Digital Entertainment Assets (DEA). It allows players to earn a cryptocurrency called DEAPcoin, or DEP for short. Furthermore, it leverages the power of NFTs to build a system that protects the rights and benefits of global creators.

Since 2018, the platform has successfully supported over 100 creators, including some of Japan’s most famous manga artists, to launch their NFT projects. Thanks to PlayMining, these artists can have a new way to monetize their content. 

Between April 2020 and December 2021, creators have made over 1 billion yen through PlayMining’s business model, further unleashing their innovation in entertainment content creation for users.

PlayMining empowers creators and benefits players with a meticulously designed circular economy in which the native token DEP plays a significant role. DEP is an ERC-20 utility token that facilitates the play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics of the PlayMining platform.

How does the gaming platform work?

PlayMining boasts a three-pillar-driven ecosystem, and they are PlayMining Games, PlayMining NFTs, and Vault. 

PlayMining Games

The PlayMining team attempts to build an open, collaborative platform that allows any developer to launch their games and monetize them. So far, users can enjoy six HTML5 browser-based games on the platform. It is worth noting that these games are all NFT-powered and support play-to-earn mechanics.

Games on PlayMining are:

  • JobTribes
  • PlayMining Puzzle
  • Lucky Farmer
  • Cookin’ Burger!
  • Graffiti Racer
  • Fujiwara Kamui Verse

PlayMining NFTs

NFTs serve various purposes in the PlayMining ecosystem. For example, players can use NFTs as character avatars, unlock background music, upgrade their game progress, and much more.

Moreover, PlayMining provides an NFT marketplace to support the transaction of in-game items. Currently, the marketplace offers an assortment of exclusive digital content from the top artists of Japanese pop culture. Notably, more unique artworks from a broader range of global artists are also in the pipeline.

PlayMining Marketplace

Vault services

Vault plays a significant role in PlayMining’s incentive structure. Specifically, it grants DEPs and NFTs to users who contribute to PlayMining’s economics. One of the many ways to benefit from Vault is to stake DEP tokens and earn rewards. To make PlayMining’s economy more appealing to users, the team plans to add more functions to the Vault incentive structure.

What’s the in-game currency?

DEP is the ecosystem token of PlayMining and comes with various utilities. For example, players can use DEP to purchase NFT on the PlayMining NFT marketplace. Since the PlayMining platform is expanding rapidly, the team will soon add several new ways to fulfill users’ different appetites to spend the token. These will include payment for purchasing in-game items and lands.

Users can obtain the DEP in different ways. First, playing games on the PlayMining platform can earn users DEP tokens. Moreover,  users can directly purchase them from the Centralized Exchanges and Decentralized Exchanges, such as  OKX, MEXC, XT.COM, Bitrue, and Gate io.

How can you make money playing PlayMining?

PlayMining provides users with numerous mechanics to earn rewards while enjoying the gameplay. The following three ways are the basic ones.

  • PlayMining gameplay rewards
  • Vault services
  • PlayMining Economy grants (including Developer grants)

PlayMining gameplay rewards

As mentioned above, PlayMining is a dynamic play-to-earn gaming platform, and users can gain DEP tokens by participating in the games on it. It is worth noting that every game boasts unique gameplay and P2E rules. Make sure to understand their gameplay well before the start.

But let’s take one of the games, Lucky Farmer,  as an example to understand how it exactly works. 

Lucky Farmer is a mobile version of the classic arcade game coin pusher. Players collect coins dropped from the top and compete for higher ranking. The higher the rank, the more DEP tokens a player can earn from the game. With earned DEPs, players can acquire NFTs from the PlayMining marketplace. Furthermore, these NFTs are valuable to their holders since they can help boost rewards.


Currently, DEP staking is the only way to participate in the Vault incentive program. This is the best way for users who are non-gamers to take part in PlayMining’s vibrant P2E ecosystem. It allows users to stake their DEP tokens on the PlayMining platform to earn extra DEP, and they don’t need to play any games. 

PlayMining economy grants

PlayMining wants to build an open and collaborative gaming platform that attracts developers worldwide to make their innovations a reality. To this end, PlayMining will roll out a series of Grants to incentivize developers, artists, and content creators. This initiative is also designed to continuously bring high-quality games and content to users, further fueling the platform’s sustainability.

DappRadar equips users with a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of the current GameFi and P2E landscape. With our Game of the Week series, users can learn more about the most popular NFT games today. And most importantly, how to play and win like a pro! 

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DappRadar will continue monitoring the latest developments of PlayMining, and play-to-earn. Follow us on Twitter, Discord, and Youtube to keep up with the dynamic blockchain world. 

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