How to Play and Win: Pegaxy

how to play and win: pegaxy
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Pegaxy is at number 15 this week in DappRadar’s Games rankings

Pegaxy launched in October 2021 and now consistently ranks near the top of DappRadar’s Games rankings. How to play and win in this horse racing PvP is crucial knowledge if you’re looking to make some money 


In the past, more than 20,000 unique active wallets have connected to the Pegaxy dapp. Just under $40,000 has moved through the platform’s smart contracts and thousands of Pegas are on the market for people to buy.

Finding out how to play this week’s Game of the Week takes time and effort. We’ve searched the internet and condensed everything down into one guide so you can start playing and earning today.

What is Pegaxy?

Pegaxy is a horse racing game. Players compete against 14 other racers as they all attempt to finish in the top three. Only those who finish first, second or third win rewards. Everyone else wins nothing.

Each race includes an added element of surprise. One of either wind, water, fire or speed are added as a random variable to each contest. They affect a horse’s performance, with different horses having different abilities and powers.

Mirai Labs is the team behind the game, which calls itself ‘The Home of Racing in the Metaverse’. The game is built on the Polygon network so it benefits from fast transaction times and low fees.

An initial sale of 5,000 Pega (the playable horse NFTs) took place in October 2021. These are known as the Founding Pega and are the only horses created by the Pegaxy Development team. Every Pega that has been minted since then has been done so by users, via the breeding program.

How do you play Pegaxy?

First off, you need to go to the Pegaxy dapp, where you’ll need to connect your web3 wallet. Then you’ll need to get yourself a Pega. You can either buy or rent one of these from the in-game marketplace.

Once you have a Pega, you can enter races. All races are free to enter and there are no ongoing costs or hidden fees. You will need to pay a small gas fee, in MATIC, to enter a race lobby. 

For your Pega to join a contest, you need to select ‘Race’ and then enter the lobby. Once the lobby is full, a race countdown will begin. All you need to do is wait.

Screenshot from a Pegaxy race

As things stand, there’s a fairly high level of randomness to race results. A Random Number Generator has a big say in the final standings. Saying this, a Pega’s traits contribute to how well it races and the type of Track also has an impact on who wins.

The development team is working on bringing in more player-controlled factors that will determine speed and skill. This will mean that players who invest more time and effort into the game will have a greater chance of winning.

If your Pega’s associated element – speed, water, wind, fire – coincides with the Track type, this will boost your chances of glory and rewards.

What can players win?

There are plenty of tokens on offer in Pegaxy for anyone who wants to put in the time and effort. Users can race up to 25 times a day and there’s a 20% chance of winning a race. So you can, on average, win five races a day. If you’re lucky, you might even win more.

The prize money depends on the breed type of your Pega. The rarer the type, the better the prizes:

Pegaxy race purses

These prize winnings are liable to go up and down in line with the development team’s strategy.

You can check out the current price of VIS using our Token Explorer. It is currently well off its all-time high of $0.25, which it reached in February 2022.

The best ways to win money in Pegaxy

With Pegaxy races generally being a game of chance, there aren’t loads of ways to ensure you win races on a regular basis. But there are other methods to play the game and make it worth your while financially. 

  • Breed Pegas – two Pegas can produce new offspring. It takes some tokens to do it, but you can either use your new horse in races or you can sell it on. 
  • Rent out your Pega – put your Pega into the rental system. Someone will either pay outright to rent it. Or they can race it for you and you can share in the profits.
  • Own a Stadium – you can buy a Stadium inside Pegaxy. Every time it hosts a race, you will be rewarded.
  • Equip Gear and feed your Pega Food – both of these things give your Pega a better chance of winning races.
  • Enter the Grand Dash Tournament – this takes place every December and sees the year’s best racers do battle for supremacy. Big prize pots are attached to the Grand Dash.

What are PGX, VIS and Fabled tokens?


Pegaxy Stones, or PGX, are the Pegaxy in-game governance tokens. Like the game itself, these are built on the Polygon Layer2 network. 

There are currently very limited opportunities to win them within the game, but there are plans to change this in the future.

General PGX information

Pegaxy will introduce a community treasury staking feature at some point in the future. This will enable users to earn PGX for locking up their tokens.

There are, or will be, some use cases for PGX inside the Pegaxy game:

  • Breeding fees (more on this later)
  • Buying Pega in the marketplace
  • Staking
  • Large tournament rewards


Short for Vigorus, VIS are the main utility token with Pegaxy. VIS is minted when players win races and VIS is burned when players breed horses.

General VIS information

The amount of VIS players required to breed a new Pega depends on the breed count of that particular horse. The more times they’ve bred, the more VIS you need to do it again.

Players can also spend VIS on Fusion. We’ll discuss Fusion in more detail further down this article. Simply put, it’s a way of upgrading your Pega.

Fabled tokens

Fabled tokens are rare but powerful. Players can use them to evolve their Pega into a Crowned Pega. Crowned Pega are the rarest items in the Pegaxy ecosystem and have become collectors items.

Players need five Fabled tokens to even attempt to turn their Pega into a Crowned one. The chance of even getting a Single Crowned Pega is only 25%.

Probability for producing Crowned Pegas

Fabled tokens are ERC-20 tokens on the Polygon Chain and people earn them by referring a friend to Pegaxy. This friend must join the game and purchase a Pega in order for you to claim the Fabled token.

Once you have five of them, you can then try to Crown your Pega.

What NFTs are there in Pegaxy?

The main NFTs in Pegaxy are the Pegas. These are the animated, mythical horses that ride to glory and win money for their owners.

A prancing Pegaxy

Aside from Pegas, there are no other in-game NFTs. But there are two assets inside the game that you can use to improve your race horse. The first one is Gear. Items of Gear can have a negative and positive effect on your Pega’s attributes.

Pegaxy Gear

Food is another asset in the game. These are single-use items that Pega owners can feed to their horse. There is a long list of Food items and, like Gear, they can have negative or positive effects on a Pega.

Pegaxy Food

How does breeding work in Pegaxy?

Breeding has two functions in Pegaxy. It grows the overall ecosystem and brings more Pegas into the world. Players can breed them and race them, or they can sell them for profit. The second function of breeding is to burn VIS tokens, and stabilize the Pegaxy economy. 

Before breeding your Pega, there are a few things you need to consider. Firstly, you need to know the costs of breeding. As we said earlier, the more times your Pega breeds, the higher the costs go.

Breeding costs

As Pega are metal machines, there are no restrictions on which horses can breed with each other. So children and parents can be combined to produce another Pega.


Bloodlines are also important in Pegaxy. There are four of them, in order of least rare to most rare: Zan, Kiln, Campona and Hoz. When two horses breed together, the least rare bloodline is the dominant one. This means that you need two Hoz Pega, the rarest, in order to breed a new Hoz.

Pegaxy bloodlines

Breed Type

Alongside bloodline, Pegas also have a breed type. There are five of these, in order of rarity: Founding, Legendary, Epic, Rare and Pacer. A newly-bred Pega is always one breed less rare than the least rare parent.

The Founding Pegas are the original 5,000 that were created by the Pegaxy developers, so no more of those can be bred. You’ll notice in the table below that breeding two Founding Pegas produces a Legendary one.

Pegaxy Breed Types

Bloodlines matter because they reduce the cooldown period between breeding. So the more rare the bloodline, the more regularly you can breed new Pegas. Newborn Pegas also have a cooldown period before they can race. The rarer the bloodline, the shorter this period is.

Breed types determine a Pega’s attributes. The rarer breed types are stronger and faster and have a slightly higher chance of winning races. Saying this, we can’t say with any certainty how much breed type contributes to the probability of victory. 

As we saw earlier in the article, rarer breed types enter into races with bigger prize pots. And horses in Pegaxy enter into races against horses of a similar breed type. 

Bear in mind that all Pegas, no matter their breed type or bloodline, have a 96 hour cooldown period after breeding where they can’t race.

Does the game have a rental system?

Pegaxy has a well-established rental system and there are two ways of using it. Players can either pay to rent out a Pega, and then keep any winnings for themself. Or, they can rent one out for free, as a Scholar, and split the winnings with the owner.

The Pegaxy rental page is easy to navigate and offers plenty of good deals for players looking to get into the game on a small budget.

What is Fusion in Pegaxy?

Fusion is another feature in Pegaxy that has multiple functions. It’s a way for players to upgrade their Pega and it also helps the in-game economy by burning VIS, PGX and Pegas.

The idea behind Fusion is fairly straightforward: you can merge together two Pegas of the same breed type to produce a Pega that is one level of rarity higher than the two unmerged Pegas.

As an example, if you Fuse two Epic Pegas, you’ll get a Legendary one. It costs VIS or PGX to Fuse Pegaxy horses.

Fusion costs

Fusion enables players to get their hands on higher-level breed types and start entering into the more lucrative races.

What impact do the Tracks have on race outcomes?

Each Track has a dominant trait: speed, water, wind and fire. And each bloodline corresponds to one of these:

  • Zan is the Pega of Wind
  • Klin is the Pega of Water
  • Campona is the Pega of Fire
  • Hoz is the Pega of Speed

If your Pega’s innate elemental attribute is aligned with Track’s element, your chance of winning goes up.

Players can also buy Stadiums, which contain the Tracks, during sale periods. And once you own a Stadium, you earn tokens every time it hosts a race. The Pegaxy development team is constantly upgrading the Stadiums to make them unique and eye-catching.

An upgraded Stadium, called a Stadion

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