How to List Your Dapps on DappRadar for Free

List Dapps DappRadar

Step by Step Guide to Get listed on the World’s Dapp Store

DappRadar is the World´s Dapp Store and the starting point to get your dapps in front of millions of blockchain users across the globe. With the DappRadar Rankings,  1 million monthly site visitors can track the performance of the most popular games, DeFi dapps, NFT marketplaces, and more! 

By listing on DappRadar, dapp builders ensure as many eyeballs as possible to see their project. Each dapp will be listed in the Rankings while obtaining a Single Dapp Page.  

Rankings Left, Single Dapp Page Right

Dapp developers can submit dapps to DappRadar by providing background on your project, including a description, website, and logo. Only specific fields are required, but you are encouraged to complete as many as possible to give your dapp the best chance of getting noticed.

Anybody can upload a dapp to DappRadar, including community members and dapp developers. Creating an account and listing your favorite dapps helps DappRadar and the ecosystem grow, bringing more attention to the dapps you love.

Guide to list a dapp on DappRadar

Anybody can list a dapp on DappRadar by following our guide. A high-quality submission will benefit from the extra effort, attracting more users to the dapp’s ecosystem. Use the guide below to prepare the assets and basic requirements, list a dapp, and add the smart contracts.  

Make sure you have this ready 

Before commencing with any dapp listing, please ensure the minimum requirements are covered. 

  • Dapp Name
  • Logo (250 x 250 pixel PNG or JPG)
  • Category (i.e DeFi, Games, Collectibles)
  • Website URL 
  • Short Description (160 characters or less)
  • Full Description

Create a DappRadar account 

The first step is to create a DappRadar account and verify the email address. Follow the steps below to complete this process and to start listing dapps on DappRadar.

  1. Go to
  2. Press Login to create a new account.

3. Input your email address

4. Choose a password.

5. You may need to go through Captcha.

6. Continue and check your inbox for a verification email.

7. Open and confirm the email.

8. Finally, choose what correspondence you would like to receive from DappRadar. We recommend signing up for weekly newsletters to get the latest industry tips.

Now you have an account on DappRadar, you can connect a wallet like MetaMask, Coinbase, or Wallet Connect to access our full range of services such as Portfolio Tracker, RADAR Staking, NFT Value Estimator, and much more. 

To find out more about DappRadar tools, click here, and read on to learn how to list your dapps on DappRadar.    

Submit a Dapp to DappRadar

  1. Enter your project’s name.
  2. Upload your dapp logo (250 by 250 pixel PNG or JPG, 150KB max) 
  3. Select the relevant category for your dapp.
  4. Include the URL for your dapp.
  5. Write a short description (160 characters or less)
  6. Specify the blockchains your dapp is deployed to. You can select multiple protocols.
  7. After selecting at least one blockchain, you’re prompted to enter your dapp’s contract address(es) for each network.
  8. Write a full description for your dapp project.
  9. Provide social media links.
  10. It is optional but recommended that you provide screenshots of your dapp. You can also provide a YouTube URL to a demo of your dapp.
  11. Review the terms and conditions, and press Submit a dapp.
List Dapps DappRadar

Submissions are reviewed by the DappRadar team and will be published if the dapp is considered suitable for listing. For DappRadar questions, support is available in the DappRadar Discord, or you can contact [email protected].

Developers exercise total control over their projects by allocating the correct category, refreshing, and uploading new smart contracts to ensure we track accurate data. Through inputting catchy descriptions and visual assets to make sure the project can shine through the crowd.

A few tips 

Your dapp listing on DappRadar is your shop window for anyone to get a better idea of what your project is and does. Spending time crafting compelling short and long descriptions and adding video and attractive images will help you stand out.  

Check out this complete guide to optimizing your dapp listing on DappRadar.

Video is a powerful medium to convey complex messages in a short time and one we encourage dapp developers to use to try and break down any onboarding or UX issues. A video should be short and to the point.   

Finally, remember that DappRadar hosts over 10,000 dapps, and for yours to get seen, it must first look attractive. Icons and descriptions are powerful marketing tools. The more seriously you take your listing, the higher the chance of being discovered. 

RADAR boost power

If you’ve ever used DappRadar, you know it’s the best place to track data in the industry – visited by over 1 million users every month. On the DappRadar Rankings, for instance, you can browse through top blockchain dapps in different categories and networks, ranked by metrics like daily users, volume, and so on.

By staking RADAR, developers and users can use Boost Power to show support for a dapp in the DappRadar Rankings. Any RADAR staker can do this to any dapp listed on DappRadar. 

Using RADAR staking, your dapp will jump out to DappRadar users while demonstrating the support it receives from the community. The more people who know about your project, the more users you are likely to acquire.

If interested, you can start staking RADAR tokens today. Just follow the step-by-step instructions shown in the video below.

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