How to Join The Matrix NFT Avatars Sale

How to Join The Matrix NFT Avatars Sale

Everything you need to know to purchase a Matrix NFT on Tuesday, November 30th

Nifty’s, an eco-friendly NFT platform built on the Palm protocol, will launch the first licensed The Matrix NFT collection on November 30th. In this article, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know regarding the mint and walk you through the process. Are you excited to get your hands on an NFT version of Neo? Read on to find out how. 

The Matrix is among the most popular movie franchises globally, with memorable characters and a storyline that remains relevant years after the movie was released. As the NFT hype continues to blast in full force, Nifty’s has teamed up with Warner Bros’ to release The Matrix NFT Avatars. 

What is The Matrix NFT Avatars?

The Matrix NFT Avatars is a collection of 100.000 NFT avatars, styled and based on The Matrix movie franchise. These characters aren’t based on any of the movie heroes you know and love. Instead, these avatars have been generated using characteristics typical for The Matrix.  

Matrix Avatars will launch in two stages. On November 30th, Nifty’s will launch randomly-generated “base” avatars resembling ordinary people trapped in The Matrix. The avatars, which users will be able to buy and sell on the Nifty’s marketplace, are created with various attributes with millions of possible permutations that we’ll reveal over the coming weeks. 

Then, starting on December 16th, base avatar holders will be given a choice. They’ll be able to take a Blue Pill and have their avatar locked in the Matrix, or take a Red Pill and transform their avatar into a resistance fighter unplugged from the Matrix. Red Pill resistance fighters will keep the same bodies but have entirely new features inspired by the heroes of the Matrix films. 

Following December 16th, Nifty’s plans to release tailored missions for blue and red pill NFT owners. The ultimate goal of the Matrix NFT Avatars collection is to create an experience that will last years. 

How to get a base avatar on November 30th

To make the collection as accessible as possible, Nifty’s has decided to allow fiat payments for all The Matrix NFT Avatars. Each NFT will have a price tag of $50, and a single account can purchase up to 25 NFTs daily. Alternatively, collectors will also be able to purchase NFTs with DAI tokens. However, as Nifty’s is built on top of the Palm network, users will need to configure their Metamask wallets in order to interact with the platform and then bridge DAI tokens from Ethereum to Palm.

Setting up your MetaMask wallet

Adding Palm network to your MetaMask is an easy process that can be completed in a few simple steps. Palm network has created a helpful interface that walks you through the whole process. You can find it here. Connect your MetaMask to the Palm website, and follow the instructions displayed on the interface. 

Alternatively, you can easily add the Palm network to your MetaMask manually. Open your MetaMask wallet, and select the “Add Network” button. 

the matrix nft

Fill in the following information in the relevant fields, and your MetaMask wallet will now be able to connect to the Nifty’s platform. 

Network Name: palm


Chain ID: 11297108109

Currency Symbol: PALM

Block Explorer URL: 

Once you have set up your MetaMask wallet to work with the Palm network, it is time to move some DAI into your Palm wallet. The easiest way to do that is to bridge DAI directly from the Ethereum blockchain, but there’s also a fiat on-ramp using a credit card and the Wyre service

Bridge DAI from Ethereum to Palm Network

The Palm and Ethereum bridge is an easy and accessible way to transfer funds from your Ethereum wallet to your Palm network wallet. Importantly, you should have your MetaMask wallet configured to work with the Palm network before you start the bridging process. 

To move your DAI from Ethereum to Palm, visit the official Palm token bridge first. You’ll then have to connect your MetaMask wallet to the bridge. It is important to make sure that the origin network is selected as mainnet, or Ethereum, while the destination network is Palm. 

Once you’ve successfully connected your wallet, select the tokens you’d like to bridge. Currently, the bridge supports PRT, DAI and WETH. In this case, you’ll need DAI to purchase a Matrix NFT Avatar, so select DAI. Input the amount of DAI tokens you’d like to bridge and then select a “Destination address”. This is the address on the Palm network that will receive the bridged assets. If you want to send assets to your own wallet, simply click on the optional tick below. This will automatically fill in your wallet address. 

Once you’ve completed all fields, you’re ready to start your transfer. Keep in mind that this bridging will incur gas fees on the Ethereum mainnet. When the node operators verify your transaction, you’ll be able to see your newly bridged DAI tokens in your Palm network MetaMask wallet. 

Closing thoughts

Nifty’s collaboration with Warner Bros’ is a landmark event in the NFT space, as The Matrix remains one of the most popular movies made to date. Follow this simple guide if you are excited about this project and want to snatch a Matrix NFT Avatar. And don’t forget – the official mint begins on November 30th at 1:01 pm EST. What better way to get hyped for the upcoming Matrix Resurrections movie than with a brand new Avatar NFT?

DappRadar will continue monitoring the Matrix NFT Avatars collection as it blossoms into a multi-year experience for holders. To learn the latest news surrounding Nifty’s collaboration with Warner Bros’ follow DappRadar on Twitter. You can also join our Discord community and show off your brand new Matrix NFT Avatar later today. 

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