How to Earn Aavegotchi’s Gotchus Alchemica and Craft the LE Golden Aaltar

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Players can collect free FUD, FOMO, ALPHA, KEK to craft the Limited Edition Golden Aaltar

NFT gaming protocol, Aavegotchi just launched the alpha of the Gotchiverse, allowing players to use their pixelated ghosts to earn four fair-launch ERC-20 tokens known as Gotchus Alchemica. They can then use these tokens to craft the LE Golden Aaltar Installation NFT, during the alpha period running through April 30th. 


  • The alpha launch of the Gotchiverse on the Polygon blockchain introduces gamers to Gotchus Alchemica, the play-to-earn tokens that make up the four elements of the Gotchiverse.
  • The Gotchus Alchemica tokens are known as FUD, FOMO, ALPHA, KEK.
  • Players can use the collected Gotchus Alchemica to craft the LE Golden Aaltar.
  • The Gotchi Lending program enables players to earn tokens passively by lending out their Aavegotchis.
  • The Aavegotchi dapp has been gaining traction since the Gotchiverse launch. 

The adorable digital ghosts called Aavegotchis are marching into their metaverse. The Gotchiverse, a brand new open-world for the popular web3 avatars, has been live since March 31, 2022. This Polygon-based world takes its play-to-earn ecosystem to a whole new level, presenting players with a fascinating journey to venture, battle, and craft exclusive NFTs. 

The Aavegotchi play-to-earn ecosystem used to rely on GHST alone, but with the launch of the Gotchiverse, the crypto community welcomed four new tokens: FUD, FOMO, ALPHA, and KEK.  Known as Gotchus Alchemica, these magical ingredients are used to craft Installation NFTs within the Gotchiverse. Players will soon be able to trade each of these tokens on the Gotchiverse’s native exchange, the Gotchus Alchemica Exchange (GAX). For now, they can be traded on Quickswap thanks to community-provided liquidity. 

Now or never, craft the LE Golden Aaltar

The LE Golden Aaltar is the essential installation players can place on their land parcels in the Gotchiverse. This golden beauty has the same functionality as an Alchemical Aaltar, the most important installation in the Gotchiverse. Players require this Installation to engage in Alchemical channeling, a process where Aavegotchis earn Alchemica from the skies above. In simple words, it enables and boosts earning opportunities.

If you want that Alchemica, the LE Golden Aaltar will become very handy. Moreover, it’s shiny, luxurious, plated with gold, and studded with jewels, making you stand out from the other players. These LE Golden Aaltars are limited and can only be minted between March 31st and April 30th. 

Le Golden Aaltar

The LE Golden Aaltar requires a specific recipe of Alchemica. You will need 3000 FUD, 1500 FOMO, 2000 ALPHA and 750 KEK. However, obtaining these 4 resources will require some work. You can go to Quickswap to buy some from the market, or use your Gotchi NFT to jump into the Gotchiverse and earn the playdrop. 

Thanks to Gotchi Lending, anybody can borrow an Aavegotchi NFT and share earned Alchemica with the original owner. 

Gotchi Lending is a real upgrade of the traditional Scholarship Model. The program keeps the entire lending process 100% on the blockchain, leveraging a smart contract to ensure an automatic, fair, and transparent lending agreement. It’s straightforward to get started.

How to borrow an Aavegotchi 

  1. Connect your Web3 wallet to the Polygon network. Make sure you have some MATIC to cover transaction fees. Learn how to switch Metamask from Ethereum to Polygon here.
  2. Go to, and connect your Web3 wallet to the website.
  3. Once connected, you will see the Gotchi Lending icon. Click it.
  1. You now see a list of all available Gotchis. In the top right, you see the lending period. It also shows the upfront payment in GHST (if any) and the percent of the earning split between the owner, borrower, and a third party. 
  2. When you find a suitable Gotchi, click it. The Gotchi Lending page will open, click “Borrow for x GHST”, and then confirm the transaction in your Web3 wallet. 
Gotchi Lending
  1. Done. You now have a Gotchi that you can use to start earning FUD, FOMO, ALPHA, and KEK. That’s the first step towards owning that shiny LE Golden Aaltar. 

How to Lend an Aavegotchi

Perhaps you own more than one Aavegotchi and want to earn some passive income. In that case, you can list your unused Gotchis for lending. The process to list your Gotchi NFT for lending is straightforward. 

  1. Go to your list of Gotchis. Under each of them, you will see a “Lend” button. Click it. 
  2. You will now Create a Lend Listing. In the first step, you set:
    1. Upfront cost the borrower needs to pay (if any)
    2. The duration of the lending period
    3. The tokens you wish to make part of the contract. 
    4. Lastly, you can give a select user group access to your Gotchi through a whitelist. This would be ideal for gaming guilds, for example. 
  3. In the next screen, you set the profit split in percentages between the Owner (yourself), the Borrower, and a third party. This third party could be a guild manager or a sponsor. For this third party, you will need to input the Polygon wallet address. 
Gotchi Lending
  1. After clicking “Create Listing”, you get an overview of all the rules set for your Lending Listing. After clicking the button “Create Lending Listing”, your Web3 wallet will require you to confirm the transaction. 
  2. After the transaction is confirmed, other users can borrow your Gotchi. 

You will automatically receive a share of the borrower’s earnings. Of course, the height of those earnings depends on your Gotchi and the borrower’s activity. No activity means no FUD, FOMO, ALPHA, or KEK. However, there’s plenty of activity in the Gotchiverse, or should we say aactivity? 

Gotchiverse fueled Gotchi-craze

The success of the Gotchiverse is evident. As we can see from the chart below, the Aavegotchi dapp has seen its user and transaction numbers skyrocket since the launch of the Gotchiverse. Aavegotchi recorded an impressive 987% increase in users and 675% in transactions over the past 30 days. 

The Gotchiverse has sparked some serious interest from the play-to-earn community. Before the launch of the pixelated ghost world, we’ve seen increased demand for Aavegotchi NFTs, and now we see the lending system actively being used. The launch of the Gotchiverse and the introduction of a fair-launch playdrop seem to have been a brilliant move to make Aavegotchi an even more comprehensive frontrunner in the GameFi space. 

Thanks to the lending system, getting started in Aavegotchi has never been easier and more affordable. Fill a wallet with some MATIC, borrow a Gotchi, dive into the Gotchiverse, earn FUD, FOMO, ALPHA, and KEK, and craft the LE Golden Aaltar. It’s time for some aaction!    

Find more about Aavegotchi and Gotchiverse:

Official Website
Gotchiverse Website

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