How to Create a Cardano Wallet: The Beginners’ Guide

how to create a cardano wallet: the beginners' guide
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Learn how to set up a Web3 wallet to store your ADA and manage all Cardano tokens

Now that Cardano is coming to DappRadar, it’s time we told you everything there is to know about the blockchain. In this article, we’ll tell you what a Cardano wallet is and how to create one.


Cardano has forged a reputation as the research-developed, peer-reviewed blockchain with very few dapps built on top of it. It was like a high-tech spaceship without any astronauts to pilot it.

But more developers are coming to the network. 11.08% of all active dapp contributors were building on Cardano in August. That puts the blockchain at the top of the pile, above the likes of Ethereum, Solana and Polkadot. 

Here at DappRadar, we now list Cardano dapps in our Rankings pages. Users can track projects like JPG Store, Minswap and SundaeSwap. And as more and more creators build on Cardano, we will add their information and data for everyone to explore.

What is a Cardano wallet?

The purpose of any crypto wallet is to give users secure access to their blockchain tokens. These tokens can be in the form of cryptocurrencies or NFTs. Think of your crypto wallet as the key that opens the door and lets you look around a blockchain

A Cardano wallet gives users access to the Cardano blockchain and its currency, ADA. They’re perfect for long-term storage of all Cardano assets.

The reason Web3 users need a Cardano-specific wallet is because Cardano is its own blockchain. Therefore, we need specific software tools in order to access it. MetaMask is an Ethereum-based crypto wallet and works for all networks that are EVM-compatible.

How to create a Cardano wallet

To start with, you need to decide which Cardano wallet you want to use. Each one has its pros and cons but we’ve put together an in-depth guide to help you choose the right one for you. Once you know which wallet you want to use, visit the website and follow their instructions.

As with all crypto wallets, you’ll need to do this following things when you create your Cardano one:

  • Download the application extension.
  • Create your account with a username and password.
  • Note down your seed phrase and keep it somewhere very secure. If you lose your password, this is the only way you can gain access to your wallet.

What can I do with my Cardano wallet

Store Cardano tokens

You can access your Cardano-based cryptocurrencies and NFTs using your chosen wallet. Both of these tokens, the fungible and non-fungible types, will be securely located somewhere on the Cardano blockchain.

Storing your cryptocurrencies in a Web3 wallet is far more secure than holding them on a platform like Coinbase or Kraken. If you keep your digital coins in one of these, you do not have full control over them. In some cases, these types of platforms can even stop you from withdrawing your assets.

Staking and delegating

Staking ADA requires some technical know-how and anyone who wants to do it should carry out their research beforehand. Essentially, when a users stakes their ADA, they have the chance to confirm blocks in the blockchain. When they do this successfully, they earn ADA rewards. 

ADA holders who don’t have the skills or desire to run a node can delegate their staked ADA to someone who does. The delegator will still receive rewards, but they won’t need to be actively involved in running the node on a day-to-day basis.  

The good thing about staking and delegating ADA is that your assets do not leave your wallet and you remain in control of them.

Access dapps on Cardano

To access any Cardano dapp, you will need a Web3 wallet. This is also the case for all dapps across all blockchains. You can connect to JPG Store, Cardano’s main secondary marketplace for NFTs. Or you can visit and use Minswap, a decentralized exchange where you can trade tokens.

Cardano coming to DappRadar

As we’ve already mentioned, DappRadar now features Cardano dapps in our Rankings. This means our community can explore and analyze dapps across many sectors of Web3. 

You can explore Cardano projects dedicated to:

  • Gaming
  • DeFi
  • Gambling
  • Exchanges
  • Collectibles
  • Marketplaces
  • Social

Cardano joins more than 45 other blockchains that we track at DappRadar. We are the World’s Dapp Store and we provide unrivaled access metrics, data and information for our community to explore.

Carry your Web3 journey with you

With the DappRadar mobile app, never miss out on Web3 again. See the performance of the most popular dapps, and keep an eye on the NFTs in your portfolio. Your DappRadar account syncs with our mobile app, giving you soon the option to receive alerts live as they happen.

Step-by-step guide to wallet creation

Create a Nami wallet

  1. Go to Nami Wallet
  2. Nami is available on three browsers: Chrome, Brave or Edge. Click on the one you want to download the Nami extension for.
  3. Click Add to [Name of browser]
  4. Note down your seed phrase
  5. Enter the four seed phrase tests to show that you have properly recorded the phrase
  6. Choose a username and password.

Create a Flint wallet

  1. Go to the Flint website
  2. Choose to download the application for iOS, Android or your browser of choice
  3. If you’re adding it to your browser, click on Add to [Name of browser]
  4. The extension will appear in at the top of your browser
  5. Open Flint wallet and click on Let’s Begin
  6. Choose your language of choice and accept T&Cs
  7. Choose to agree or not to the application using your data
  8. Decide whether to be on the Mainnet or Testnet
  9. Choose to Connect to a hardware wallet, to Create a new wallet or to Restore a wallet with a seed phrase
  10. Depending on your choice, you will get taken down different pathways. From here, follow Flint’s instructions. Most people will choose to create a new wallet so we will follow this route.
  11. Note down your seed phrase, then pass the test to show you have recorded it.
  12. Choose a password and click on Create My Wallet.

Create a Gero wallet

  1. Go to GeroWallet
  2. Click Download on the front page
  3. Click on Add to Chrome
  4. Select your language and Get Started.
  5. You can choose Create a GeroWallet, Import an Account or Connect to Hardware Wallet. We’ll choose Create a GeroWallet
  6. Choose a password and agree to their T&Cs
  7. Record your seed phrase
  8. Pass the seed phrase test
  9. Choose your wallet name and cover color.
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