How to claim your 400 UNI tokens

UNI token

Have you ever used Uniswap?

This is the question you need to ask yourself. Have you ever swapped tokens on the Ethereum blockchain using this simple exchange dapp?

Because if you have, you’ve just been gifted 400 UNI tokens.

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UNI tokens are the governance token for Uniswap; something that will be used to guide the product’s future roadmap. And so to ensure the right people – the people who use Uniswap – get control, the development team has effectively airdropped millions of UNI tokens to tens of thousands of people. 

It’s a great move but more than this, it’s a generous move as each UNI token is currently trading for between $3-5.

UNI tokens
Source: CoinGecko

So, you need to check if you’ve ever used Uniswap. 

To do this, you need to head to the Uniswap webpage and log in with your Ethereum wallet. If you use more than one Ethereum wallet, you need to check with all of them as every wallet that has ever made a Uniswap transaction has been gifted (at least) 400 UNI. 

Jon Jordan explains how to claim your tokens

(If you’ve also provided liquidity into the exchange, you’ll get some more tokens!)

If you’re in that happy position, you need to claim your UNI by making an Ethereum transaction to transfer them into your wallet. And then you can do what you want with them: keep them so you can vote in the future, or sell some (or all of them). 

Obviously, if you’re selling, it would only be polite to do so via Uniswap!

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