How to Claim B2M Airdrop on Polygon by Crypto Exchange Bit2Me

Bit2Me, Spain’s largest crypto company, celebrates its new Launchpad and Polygon partnership with a Grand B2M airdrop

Bit2Me is offering a Grand B2M airdrop in celebration of its new product launch and partnership with the Polygon Network. Bit2Me is Spain’s largest crypto exchange serving approximately half a million users globally. They will give back to the community through this B2M airdrop. 

Bit2Me introduced a brand new token launch platform, the Bit2Me Launchpad. It endeavors to escort companies and developers into secure and smooth ICOs. To double celebrate the product launch as well as a new partnership with Polygon, the team will airdrop 8,000,000 B2M ($400,000 approx) on the Polygon Network. Participation will be live from February 10th to March 2nd.

Strong business network
The partnership with Polygon (Matic) means that Bit2Me will soon integrate Polygon’s scaling solution into its wallet. As a result, it will enable Bit2Me’s million-member community to interact with the Polygon mainnet to enjoy the cost-efficiency of the network.

Moreover, Bit2me’s investors include Asian crypto giants such as Huobi Ventures, ICON Foundation, TKX Capital, and Valhalla Capital. The company has successfully established a strong business network in Asia, partnering with Asian Crypto funds such as DFG. The business network lays a solid foundation for the company to catch the attention of the booming Asian crypto community. 

Executives and experts in the financial and crypto industries have given Bit2ME high recognition. The backers are former executives from Coinbase, Polygon, Binance, Amazon, Sygnum Bank, BBVA, IBM, Mastercard, to name but a few.

All-star advisor team
The company advisor team has a powerful lineup, including Baldomero Falcones, former President of Mastercard International, Zeeshan Feroz, former CEO of Coinbase UK & Europe. Dean Thomas, former Global Head of Institutional Capital at Polygon and CIO of Rainmaker Games, and Jimmy Ku, Head of Growth USA of African-unicorn fintech company Flutterwave, are also part of the team.                               

B2M token overview

B2M Token aims to become the backbone of the Bit2Me ecosystem. Bit2Me has carefully designed incentive schemes to reward the growing user base. The B2M token holders will benefit from a variety of utilities. For example, holders can enjoy a more significant discount on Bit2Me’s products. Other rewards such as Bit2Me Card refunds are also applicable to token holders. In the future, as the project expands, the team will introduce more token holder-only benefits and perks.

B2M airdrop FAQ

Who is eligible?
Every CoinMarketCap user that completes all the mandatory requirements (click here for tutorial) will be eligible for the Bronze prize. Other prizes will only reward DeFi Wallet B2M holders (e.g., Metamask) with all mandatory requirements applicable. 

Different amounts of tokens held in the wallet will determine the rewards granted. The distribution of rewards will be as follows: 

  • Golden 8 Category: eligible for people with 8,888 B2M or more and meet the mandatory requirements. The amount of 1,760,000 B2M will be distributed among all of them.
  • Diamond Category: awarded to those who have B2M, meet the mandatory requirements and fulfill the additional requirement of 2 or more Tickets. The amount of 940,000 B2M will be distributed among 235 winners, each winner being entitled to a distribution of 4,000 B2M.
  • Silver Category: three single winners of 50,000 B2M, 30,000 B2M, and 20,000 B2M. To be eligible for this category, users must have at least 1 ticket in a DeFi wallet.
  • Bronze Category: this category includes all those users who own B2M and meet the mandatory requirements. The amount of 5,200,000 B2M will be distributed among 13.000 winners, each winner being entitled to a distribution of 400 B2M.           

How to claim?                   
Eligible winners will receive the prizes via Polygon Network, no claiming will be necessary on their part. They will need to add the custom Polygon Network RPC and add the custom B2M token. The following videos demonstrate how to do so:                       

Configure Polygon Network
Add custom token B2M

When will tokens be available for claim?
The token will be available to all winner addresses no later than April 1st.     

Where will the winner be announced? 
The announcement for the winners will be no later than 3 days after the Airdrop participation period ends through official social media channels such as telegram.

Links to these will be available on the CoinMarketCap Bit2Me Airdrop section.           

How is a lucky draw done?
The conduct of the lucky draw will be using randomization formulas on excel, recorded and available for everyone to see the winner selection process.

What are B2M’s utilities?
B2M is a utility token for users to experience special features within Bit2Me’s product suite. It allows users to enjoy products and services from its current and future partners. Furthermore, the token utility also includes access to airdrops, platform discounts, academy courses, cashback, notifications. In addition, with B2M, holders can vote on upcoming coin listings and app features. Staking of B2M is also feasible.               

Join the B2M community               
Twitter (global) 
Telegram (English

Other useful video tutorials
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More about Bit2Me & B2M                 
B2M token on CoinMarketCap 
B2M official site

Disclaimer regarding B2M                               

  • The B2M TOKEN is a utility token intended to benefit from discounts, promotions, and services on the Bit2Me website. Therefore, it is not a financial instrument or negotiable security”. “Bit2Me does not accept customers related to sanctioned countries, certain high-risk countries, or countries where specific national authorization is required, such as residents of the USA or Japan.
  • Values of B2M in dollars were calculated on 22/01/2022. Please revisit the current B2M prize chart to see the current values.

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