How to Buy and Sell NFTs with DappRadar

How to Buy and Sell NFTs with DappRadar
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Use your DappRadar Portfolio to discover NFT valuations and take immediate action

Even though the NFT market exploded into mainstream consciousness a few years ago, seasoned collectors and savvy investors alike often find it challenging to anticipate trends and make informed decisions. NFTs aren’t just digital trinkets; they’re unique digital assets that confer ownership to their holders, enabling buying and selling. As the go-to destination for decentralized applications, DappRadar doesn’t just let you track your favorite NFT collections; it empowers you to actively engage in the market. Read on to find out how to harness DappRadar’s potential to optimize your NFT transactions.


How to buy and sell NFTs leveraging DappRadar

Anyone with enough crypto funds and access to the internet can buy NFTs. But how does one actually find gems – those collections with huge growth potential – and let alone understand what’s going on in the market?

DappRadar has been around since 2018 and we have seen NFTs come and go, rise and fall, but never fail. What’s best? As Web3 natives, we understand the struggle of keeping up with this space, and that’s why we developed excellent tools to stay ahead of the game.

As one of DappRadar’s most popular tools, our Rankings help Web3 traders navigate trending projects and make smarter decisions.

Especially regarding the digital assets realm, collectors, traders, and Web3 enthusiasts, in general, can use the DappRadar rankings to find on-chain data on the most popular NFTs. This includes the collection’s floor prices, its trading volume, average sale price, number of traders and their wallet addresses.

NFT Collections Ranking

And Rankings are not only useful when you want to buy NFTs, but also when you want to sell or avoid bad investments. The tool shows, in the case of collections, how many of the last traders were looking to sell or buy. This allows you to quickly analyze the demand and supply of those assets and plan the next steps.

Summing up, a perfect place to accompany the evolution of collections, marketplaces and aggregators.

Set your own Custom Alerts for NFT collections

DappRadar enhances your NFT experience by allowing you to set personalized alerts for dapps or NFTs based on on-chain metrics. You can receive alerts when trading volume reaches a certain threshold, or when the floor price of a collection changes rapidly. 

With just a few clicks, you can set up custom notifications to be delivered via Telegram, Discord, or directly on the site.

Set NFT alerts DappRadar

Manage your NFT Portfolio

One of the earliest platforms for managing both your cryptocurrency assets and NFT collections online is the DappRadar Portfolio. With real-time valuation features, wallet owners can always stay updated on their NFTs’ current worth.

This is crucial for making informed decisions in this rapidly changing market. Additionally, the DappRadar Portfolio isn’t limited to just your own connected wallet; you can also view the contents of anyone else’s wallet, provided you have access to their Web3 wallet address. Follow NFT investors you admire, and keep an eye on their portfolio to stay on top of things. 

Paris Hilton Web3 Wallet crypto and NFTs

Spot opportunities with Industry Signals

If you’re on the hunt for clear indicators of trending NFT projects, look no further. Our ‘Industry Signals for NFTs’ feature, available on the Explorer page, highlights the collectibles and marketplace dapps that are worthy of your attention, using data from the last 24 hours. 

NFT Signals DappRadar Explorer

Whether you’re looking for the number of traders within a project, a collection’s floor price, or its traded volume, Industry Signals will let you know where to focus your attention.

Learn from NFT Guides and Reports

For those seeking a deeper dive, our coverage offers comprehensive learnings about leading collections and marketplaces.

Gain insights into the NFT market with DappRadar by exploring our daily project guides and analytical industry reports featured on our blog. Our content and research experts demonstrate how to effectively use DappRadar’s tools to anticipate market trends.

NFT Guides and Reports DappRadar

Becoming PRO improves NFT discovery

Dive deeper into the NFT world with DappRadar’s PRO features, now available to members. Enjoy exclusive perks like access to special airdrops, advanced filtering options, additional charts, and the capability to download data as CSV files. These are just a few ways DappRadar empowers your NFT buying and selling experience. Explore these features and more at the World’s Dapp Store today.

DappRadar PRO membership

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