How the WAX Antelope Upgrade Brings Web3 Gaming Mass Adoption

How the WAX Antelope Upgrade Brings Web3 Gaming Mass Adoption
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Antelope streamlines the development process for dapp developers and enhances users’ gaming experience.

WAX blockchain has taken a significant step forward with the Antelope 3.1 core protocol hard fork and upgrade. Joining forces with other Antelope Coalition members, including EOS, Telos, and UX Network, WAX aims to solidify its position as a leader in the Web3 gaming and digital assets space. 


WAX is driving Web3 adoption through top games and NFTs

WAX continues to make remarkable strides in expanding its ecosystem, with over 100,000 third-party dapps and digital collectibles. As a leading platform for Web3 gaming and NFTs, WAX hosts some of the top games and marketplaces, such as Alien Worlds and Atomic Hub. These dapps persistently drive efforts to onboard more users to the world of Web3. 

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Furthermore, WAX’s commitment to being a carbon-neutral blockchain protocol ensures that as its user base grows, the platform remains environmentally responsible.

WAX has recognized the importance of collaboration and continuous innovation within the blockchain space. As a result, they have teamed up with other leading networks to contribute to, and also benefit from Antelope.

What is Antelope?

Antelope partners

Antelope is a community-led blockchain protocol that has forked from EOSIO, aiming to provide a more flexible, secure, and user-friendly platform for building next-generation Web3 projects. Led by a coalition comprising of EOS Network, Telos, WAX, and UX Network, Antelope puts focus on continuous improvement of the core protocol shared by all public networks in the coalition. 

With EOSIO development discontinued by, Antelope is now responsible for advancing the codebase and revitalizing the community. The protocol delivers initial innovations like API improvements, history pruning, and enhanced cryptographic functions to improve efficiency and performance. 

The coalition actively backs the UX Network in implementing its trustless Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) system, enabling seamless interaction among Antelope-based blockchains. 

Furthermore, Antelope’s versatile open framework accommodates an extensive array of products categories such as DeFi, supply chain management services, NFTs, and games. Most importantly, all these dapps will run on a cost-effective, high-performance protocol.

How does Antelope benefit WAX’s gaming-centric ecosystem

Antelope upgrade

The Antelope v3.1 release showcases numerous strengths, including a suite of common tools, interfaces, APIs, and documentation resources. These resources equip game developers with the means to produce inventive and captivating experiences for their users.

For WAX game developers, the Antelope v3.1 upgrade offers significant benefits, such as improved transaction lifecycles and subjective billing enhancements. Features like Transaction Retry, Transaction Finality Status, and Transaction Resource Cost Estimation streamline the gaming and digital assets trading experience, rendering it more seamless and reliable.

WAX game users also reap the advantages of the latest release, such as low-latency block confirmation for smooth gameplay and free transactions (with consumption limits). Moreover, Antelope’s focus on inter-blockchain communication and flexible architecture fosters a more interconnected gaming experience. 

WAX’s 2023 roadmap with Antelope

wax roadmap

In 2023 and beyond, WAX will work alongside the Antelope Coalition to develop the Antelope stack, WAX blockchain protocol, its upgrades, and tooling. In Q1 2023, the focus was on upgrading the WAX blockchain to Antelope 3.2, unleashing its potential further. 

For Q2 and Q3 2023, WAX aims to implement the Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol. It will allow resource-intensive dapps to run on sidechains, and foster native connectivity to other Antelope-based chains. 

As part of the Antelope stack, WAX will also launch EVM, enabling developers from other ecosystems to easily integrate their projects. Lastly, Antelope Instant Finality will be introduced, significantly reducing WAX blockchain finality time and simplifying the development of Web3 applications.

By Q4 2023, WAX plans to implement updates to its blockchain resource model based on Antelope Scalability+ enhancements. It focuses on resolving resource constraints and supporting the creation and operation of over a billion active accounts. 

As WAX sets forth on its ambitious roadmap, the platform is poised to reshape the landscape and drive innovation in the gaming industry.

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