How Moonstax Bridges Web2 and Web3 to Fuel Creator Economy

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Introducing the SaaS platform that redefines Web3 creator businesses

Moonstax is a SaaS platform that empowers Web3 creator businesses by prioritizing accessibility, scalability, and discoverability for players, developers, and gaming organizations. Born from the former gDEX Metaverse, Moonstax’s pivot addresses the increasing demand for unique solutions in the Web3 creator economy. Moonstax aims to revolutionize the metaverse experience, and their ultimate goal is to bring a billion Web2 users into Web3.


  • Rebranding as Moonstax: A new chapter for gDEX
  • Building the metaverse, there are hurdles to overcome
  • Moonstax provides the solution to metaverse challenges
  • Unleashing the metaverse’s potential with Moonstax

Rebranding as Moonstax: A new chapter for gDEX

Moonstax, formerly known as gDEX Metaverse, emerges as a revolutionary platform, revolutionizing the Web3 creator economy. For NFT creators, Moonstax brings unique value by simplifying administrative tasks and streamlining their day-to-day workflow. The platform achieves this by offering innovative solutions for Web3 treasury operations, NFT project management, and accounting. 

By catering to the unique needs of NFT creators, Moonstax empowers them to focus on their core creative process while efficiently handling the behind-the-scenes work, ultimately transforming the metaverse experience.

With the support of prominent investors like Polygon Studios and Shima Capital, Moonstax boasts an impressive network of over 140 partners and 320,000 users. The company’s pivot addresses the growing demand for platform solutions in the burgeoning Web3 creator economy.

To celebrate its launch, Moonstax is providing free early access to its beta platform, giving users the opportunity to explore simplified processes and enhanced collaboration across multiple blockchain networks.

Building the metaverse, there are hurdles to overcome

As the metaverse continues to boom and becomes more ingrained in our daily lives, we find ourselves closer than ever to experiencing its full potential. According to DappRadar’s latest metaverse report, virtual land trading reached an all-time high in Q1 2023 with 147,000 trades.

However, several challenges need to be addressed before we can fully unlock the metaverse’s capabilities.

For example, the complexity of Web3 games, wallet systems, and blockchain networks limits accessibility and enjoyment, consequently restricting their appeal to a broader audience. Furthermore, creating virtual worlds and economies in Web3 is challenging, and these are not builders’ only tasks.

So taking care of mundane tasks becomes crucial since this will allow teams to focus on innovation and technical development, which helps to build a more dynamic and thriving ecosystem.

Moonstax provides the solution to metaverse challenges

Moonstax addresses these issues by improving accessibility, scalability, and discoverability in the metaverse and Web3 gaming. The platform streamlines user onboarding, facilitates a frictionless transition from Web2 to Web3, and offers unique benefits for players, developers, and gaming organizations.

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For players, Moonstax presents a rewarding and interactive platform, where they have opportunities to earn rewards through active participation. For developers, the platform’s innovative tools boost active users, revenue, and conversion rates. Moonstax’s GDEX payment and reward token also enable the easy conversion of Web2 games to Web3 ones without establishing their own tokenomics from scratch.

Unleashing the metaverse’s potential with Moonstax

Moonstax is a game-changer in the Web3 universe, revolutionizing how NFT project owners, developers, and gaming organizations interact with the metaverse. By tackling the existing challenges of metaverse development, Moonstax opens new doors for growth and collaboration.

Join Moonstax in its exciting new chapter and experience the future of the Web3 creator economy. 

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