How Harmony New Features Fuel Creator Economy

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Empowering creators with Web3 functionality and users with data sovereignty

Harmony’s Web3 domain service has undergone significant upgrades, offering enhanced features that enable users to take control of their data and identity. With a focus on enabling creators to explore new business models and capture value, the upgraded service opens up new possibilities in the Web3 landscape.


The limitations of the Web2 and the need for Web3 domain system

The current web ecosystem has limitations that significantly impact user experience. Among these concerns, data privacy and control take center stage. Traditional platforms indiscriminately collect and exploit vast amounts of user data, compromising their privacy. Moreover, the prevailing advertising business models prioritize extracting value from users rather than empowering them., acts as a catalyst to drive creator innovation and grant them the autonomy they deserve. 

Revolutionizing the creator economy with’s innovations

travel 1 country harmony, founded on the Harmony blockchain, presents a unique solution that fills a crucial gap in the current web landscape. Discover the remarkable journey of Harmony’s creation of through the following articles:

With the rising popularity of Web3 among brands and users, Harmony is dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of the community. In line with this commitment, Harmony has recently unveiled an array of new features within

Unique email addresses offers users the ability to create exclusive email addresses, such as [email protected], tailored to various purposes, such as personal or work-related communications. As your business expands, the need for additional members and email addresses arises. With’s secure end-to-end email system, you can rest assured that your data remains protected from centralized businesses and potential leaks.

Vanity URLs

Users can generate vanity URLs with as well. This allows users to create customized and branded links that are both memorable and easy to promote. 

These vanity URLs, such as and, enhance the user experience by clearly identifying the content being viewed on the website. With this feature, users can effortlessly navigate and recognize specific sections or pages, contributing to a seamless and intuitive browsing experience.

URL parameters

In addition to human-centric URLs, Harmony helps creators in content enrichment by offering features like URL parameters. This functionality enables seamless integration of widgets, pinned posts, and staking widgets, supporting creators to customize their content while ensuring data protection and privacy. 

Profile enhancements like iFrames make it more flexible for creators to showcase their work and engage their audience.

Leverage community to fuel Web3 identity expansion

To support Web3 creators in launching their businesses, provides all the essential functionalities they need. Harmony has also introduced an effective affiliate program to expand this initiative further. 

As part of the program, every .country domain holder has the opportunity to earn a 50% commission on each new domain sold. Joining as an affiliate seller is easy: simply share a unique link,[insertdomainname]. 

By inserting your own domain name within the brackets, you generate a personalized link that lets users in your network purchase domains. This ensures that any commission from the resulting sales made through the shared link is automatically paid out. 

Driving changes together

Harmony’s domain revolutionizes the creator economy by empowering individuals and brands with data sovereignty, facilitating direct connections, and offering a range of innovative features. As this initiative gains momentum, Harmony’s shared economy will play a crucial role in supporting its continuous growth.

In this regard, the passing of HIP-28v2b signifies a significant milestone. This proposal allows for the collection and utilization of 50% of the network transaction fees, with 50% allocated to a multisig wallet for infrastructure costs and the remaining 50% directed to a community multisig wallet. 

Every month, the community holds the power to determine whether the collected fees should be burned or allocated towards supporting various initiatives like dapps, developers, and more. 

This inclusive and flexible approach ensures community involvement in decision-making and optimizes the effective utilization of transaction fees.

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