How DappRadar’s partnership with Samsung Blockchain Wallet is powering the next generation of Web3 smartphone users

DappRadar partners with Samsung Blockchain Wallet
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DappRadar is partnering with Samsung Blockchain Wallet

DappRadar, in partnership with Samsung Blockchain Wallet, are working together to create a decentralized world in which anyone can discover the best dapps, from the latest DeFi offering to their favorite NFTs, for themselves.

Launched with the Galaxy S10 in 2019, the Samsung Blockchain Wallet supports the most popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC tokens. As a convenient and secure crypto-wallet it allows users to self-custody their crypto directly on their phones. 

What’s powerful about the partnership with DappRadar is that it gives Samsung Blockchain Wallet users a simple and secure gateway to discover and explore decentralized apps (dapp) powering Web3.

Source: Samsung Blockchain Wallet

As the world’s dapp store, DappRadar’s reliable data is shared seamlessly with the blockchain wallet. This allows Samsung Blockchain Wallet users to browse DappRadar’s dapp rankings from within the wallet, to track the most popular dapps. Thanks to this information displayed within the wallet, users can get access to detailed information of more than 11,000 dapps over 48 protocols in categories including NFT’s, collectibles, games and DeFi. 

Users can unearth the next crypto opportunity by searching through the up-to-date rankings, quickly sorting by a dapp’s total assets for example, in order to decide whether to find out more about a particular dapp.

DappRadar CEO Skirmantas Januskas summed up the value of the integration to Samsung Blockchain Wallet users:

DappRadar proudly helps millions of blockchain enthusiasts discover decentralized applications and educate themselves on the world of Web3. We are very excited to empower Samsung Blockchain Wallet users with a seamless experience.

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