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Join Jellyme’s NFT Creator Program and nurture your creative vision

Jellyme, the emerging NFT marketplace on the MOOI Network, is a creator-focused platform with a thriving userbase that NFT projects can leverage to build their community. With numerous successful NFT projects and a dedicated NFT Creator Program, Jellyme empowers creators. In this article, we delve into Jellyme’s performance, traction, and why it stands out as the premier choice for entering the NFT world.


What is Jellyme?

Jellyme is an NFT marketplace that seeks to revolutionize the digital experience for users. As a part of the MOOI Network’s ecosystem, Jellyme is the central hub for trading and exploring NFT assets.

While it initially featured Japanese anime-style GameFi collections, now Jellyme aims to cater not only to gamers and anime lovers but also to entertainment enthusiasts at large.

Jellyme marketplace

If you’re a creator seeking to unlock the vast potential of Web3, Jellyme emerges as a promising destination. Furthermore, it offers a Creator Program that empowers designers, artists, and content creators of all kinds to smoothly embark on their Web3 journey. 

But before we dive into the details of this program, let’s first explore the key strengths of Jellyme.

What’s unique about Jellyme

Well-established IPs and a 3.5 million userbase

Jellyme is the gateway to a dynamic virtual world, where beloved IPs created by Cocone Group flourish. With popular Web2 casual games like Livly Island, Pokecolo, ClawKiss, and more, these IPs have captured the hearts of over 3.5 million active users.

As these enthusiastic users embrace the Web3 era, Jellyme remains their trusted companion. Leveraging the platform, these Cocone projects, boasting millions of users, empower users to not only collect but also own and trade their digital items seamlessly.

This synergy has given rise to remarkable projects like Pokecolo NFT, PokecoloTwin NFT, PKCL Twins, J-Card NFT, and more. Born from Cocone’s extensive user base, they continue to thrive and make significant strides within the Web3 landscape. They exemplify the ongoing success and innovation fostered by Jellyme.

Are you an NFT project targeting a Web2 audience? Or are you in search of a secure and reputable marketplace that empowers your audience with fashion, gaming, and digital collectibles? Look no further than Jellyme, the solution you’ve been seeking. 

Engaged Web3 user community

While Jellyme may not boast the largest trading volume among NFT marketplaces, it has cultivated a dedicated and highly engaged audience. This is evident from its noteworthy performance on DappRadar, with Jellyme ranking among the top 10 marketplaces in terms of 24-hour unique active wallets (UAWs).

DappRadar Marketplace ranking

Over the past 30 days, the marketplace attracted over 9,380 UAWs, surpassing well-known marketplaces like LooksRare and Foundation on Ethereum.

Jellyme’s active engagement can be attributed to its popular NFT collections like Pokecolo NFT. 

The thriving journey of a social gaming app on Jellyme

Pokecolo is an avatar-themed Web2 fashion app that has garnered the love of over 23 million players. With a diverse collection of over 70,000 fashion items and room design options, it offers a delightful platform for players to express their unique style and fashion sense.

But that’s just the beginning. In a remarkable twist, Pokecolo has joined forces with Jellyme, and the results are astounding. Recent updates have set the stage for remarkable growth, and in just 7 days, the project has experienced impressive growth. The number of Unique Active Wallets (UAW) has surged to 1,140, marking a remarkable increase of 424%. The transactions associated with Pokecolo NFT have also seen a tremendous boost, reaching over 4,000, which represents an astonishing growth of 1,148%. 

Let Jellyme’ NFT Checkout boost your growth 

Jellyme is actively working to onboard more Web2 users by introducing new features that enhance users’ NFT trading experience. One such feature is the upcoming NFT Checkout.

The NFT Checkout solution will revolutionize the buying process by allowing users to purchase NFTs directly on Jellyme using credit cards and regional payment channels with fiat currencies. This innovative approach eliminates the need to buy tokens first, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience for Web2 users.

Projects on Jellyme can leverage this feature to make your NFTs more accessible and appealing to potential collectors. 

Introducing the Jellyme NFT Creator Program

Jellyme has successfully onboarded multiple collections and is now expanding its content offerings to include external creators. Through the NFT Creator Program, creators can showcase their work to a larger audience, while Jellyme expands its repertoire.

In addition to leveraging Cocone’s 3.5 million user base, joining Jellyme brings creators the following benefits:

Synergy from MOOI Network metaverse ecosystem

Jellyme operates within the larger MOOI Network metaverse ecosystem, where users can freely express themselves through avatars, interact with others, and form communities. 

This allows creators to tap into an emerging virtual world to expand their reach and foster meaningful connections with their users.

Onboarding support 

Jellyme’s NFT Creator Program provides a seamless onboarding experience for projects. By joining the program, creators can access exclusive benefits, personalized support, and more.

Homepage exposure 

Unlike many other marketplaces, Jellyme features creators on its homepage. This exposure significantly boosts visibility, attracting buyers, collectors, and potential collaborations. 

Moreover, Jellyme provides a gateway to the Asian market audience, offering projects the opportunity to tap into a vast and enthusiastic demographic. Additionally, Jellyme connects project owners with the DappRadar audience, a dedicated community of users actively engaged in the NFT space. 

Furthermore, the marketplace caters to a userbase specifically interested in avatar and character coordination gameplay mechanics, creating a targeted and receptive audience for creators in this niche.

By joining this innovative platform, you can gain access to multiple avenues of exposure, expanding your reach, driving engagement, and unlocking exciting opportunities within the thriving NFT ecosystem.

Fuel your success with Jellyme

Embracing a purpose-built Web3 ecosystem for developing NFT projects has become a popular choice among creators. Rather than relying solely on Ethereum, more creators are turning to platforms like MOOI Network and Jellyme for their unique advantages.

The key benefits of these platforms include secure and reputable environments for projects, ensuring safe transactions at a low cost. Additionally, they provide access to niche segments like the Asian market and enable engagement with millions of users, facilitating enhanced visibility and collaboration opportunities. 

Most importantly, Jellyme excels in integrating Web2 services, such as social gaming, as exemplified by the successful integration seen with Pokecolo.

If you’re a project owner in search of an ecosystem that provides an engaged audience and comprehensive support for launching your projects, take the next step and unleash your creativity on Jellyme.

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