Horizen Partner With IOTA to Expand Oracle Network

horizen oracles

IOTA oracle capabilities on Horizen sidechains

Horizen has partnered with IOTA, an open-sourced, feeless data and value transfer protocol, to introduce oracle capabilities to its sidechain and scaling protocol, Zendoo. As a result Horizen is the first public blockchain to leverage IOTA oracles for real-world, industrial use cases.

The integration will happen in two phases: First Zendoo will incorporate the IOTA oracles feed into its sidechain proof-of-concept. After that, the IOTA Oracles feed will be directly integrated into the Zendoo SDK.

This will make IOTA Oracles available for any decentralized application on Horizen, while acting as a bridge between the two. These oracles supply verifiable data to decentralized applications built on Zendoo. With the successful development of Chrysalis in March 2021, IOTA now focuses on bridging different ecosystems. 

Horizen’s Zendoo SDK allows businesses and developers to effectively create their own customizable blockchain.  While the IOTA Oracles are designed in a way that focuses on data integrity for enterprise use cases. As a result these add unique value to Horizen’s roadmap as it continues expanding its services to the industry.

Launched in 2017, Horizen is a blockchain ecosystem supported by a decentralized node infrastructure. With its sidechain technology Zendoo, Horizen provides all necessary components for easy and speedy deployment of fully customizable blockchains focused on scalable data privacy.

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