Hooked Protocol: All About The Social Dapp on BNB Chain

Hooked A Web3 Social Media Guide

Onboarding the next billion people onto web3 involves education and entertainment

Hooked has been one of the social dapps with the most consistent growth in 2023. The protocol backed by Binance Labs aims to facilitate blockchain adoption and claims its ‘immersive edutainment network’ plays a vital role in this mission. Learn more about what Hooked is about, what you get from using it, and why it’s been climbing the Top Dapps Rankings.


What is Hooked?

Hooked Protocol is a project aiming to facilitate the adoption of Web3 through educational and entertainment initiatives. Through its pilot dapp, Wild Cash, users around the world can integrate across the vast blockchain technology space while receiving crypto rewards.

As a social dapp, Hooked uses the learn-and-earn method to educate and promote socialization – and claims to have attracted over 2 million members to the community, especially in Asia, since its launch in 2023.

Hooked Protocol Wild Cash Learn and Earn

Furthermore, the protocol has its own Hooked Wallet, to facilitate transactions in the dapp, an economy that revolves around the HOOK token and an in-dapp digital identity secured by the Hooked Soulbound Tokens (Hooked SBTs).

According to data recorded on BNB Chain tracked by DappRadar, Hooked is one of the social dapps with the highest number of UAW of the year.

The learn-and-earn phenomenon

While the blockchain gaming sector boomed in 2022, play-to-earn dapps evolved and began to influence the entire Web3. Over time, more gamification solutions began to integrate into DeFi, NFT projects, and now, finally, blockchain education.

Being able to learn and earn seems simple for the Web3 community. However, it is much more powerful for actually educating newcomers while also supporting the space itself to grow.

What can you do in Hooked?

Hooked Protocol is a Web3 gamified social learning platform aiming to build the access layer for mass Web3 adoption. To do this, they provide tailored Learn & Earn products and everything necessary to make it work.

Learn and earn with Wild Cash

Hooked Protocol’s main dapp, Wild Cash, is where the quiz-and-earn game is at. It is available for download on Android mobile devices on Google Play stores.

Quiz to earn dapp Wild Cash by Hooked Protocol

It’s free-to-play and grants rewards in HOOK tokens for joining the dapps activities and winning.

According to Hooked Protocol’s official website, the gamified learning-oriented quiz-to-earn dapp Wild Cash has 3 million monthly active users worldwide.

By connecting your BNB Chain wallet and joining quiz competitions, you’re taking the chance to earn HOOK tokens. Other ways to earn on Hooked’s Wild Cash include inviting friends to join, joining live quiz streaming events ToDaMoon, PoWT Mining (Proof of Work Time Mining) a bitcoin mining simulation, and so on.

The dapp also includes the Hooked Wallet, which allows you to swap, transfer and stake HOOK at ease.

Hooked Soulbound Tokens

One of Hooked’s Web3 onboarding solutions includes the protocol’s very own soulbound tokens (SBTs). Each token acts as the sole digital identity for its community members, enhancing integrity and trust within the Web3 space.

The HOOK token

At the heart of Hooked lies its utility and governance token – HOOK. Besides its role in governance, HOOK also serves as a means to cover gas fees for on-chain transactions and offers staking rewards for holders. Token holders also have exclusive access to exclusive NFTs and privileges of community events.

Hooked Protocol HOOK Crypto Token

Whether it’s community governance, on-chain activities, staking incentives, or fostering ecosystem innovations, HOOK token is integral to the platform’s thriving community.

Hooked vs other social dapps

While the Web3 space is crowded with various social dapps, Hooked has managed to carve a niche. It’s not just about the numbers, but the holistic approach that sets it apart. The focus on edutainment, layered learning paths, and a robust ecosystem makes it a front-runner in the Web3 education space.

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