Hic et Nunc Volume Shoots Up As XTZ Increases in Value

In 30 days, Hic et Nunc saw its volume jump 244%

Hic et Nunc, the number one Tezos-based NFT marketplace, has seen a steep increase in volume in the past thirty days. The marketplace processed transactions worth over $5.6 million, which is an increase of 244% compared to the previous month. 

A clear positive trend is visible in terms of unique active users and the number of processed transactions as well. Hic et Nunc (HeN) boosted its user base by 11% in the past 30 days, reaching 12,550 unique user wallets. Additionally, transactions processed by the platform’s smart contracts rose by more than 36%, reaching 599,850. 

Hic et Nunc currently also holds the top position in Tezos dapp rankings, according to DappRadar data. The NFT marketplace’s code is open-source, allowing participants from all over the world to contribute to its development.  HeN’s simplistic design and low purchase prices have driven the Tezos NFT audience since the marketplace’s launch in March this year. 

Additionally, the Tezos-based marketplace prides itself on giving a platform to newer artists in the space, by providing an accessible platform for them to start minting NFTs. This combined with a steady social media presence dedicated predominantly to artists makes Hic et Nunc a rising star among NFT marketplaces. 

The all-time activity on the platform has also been steadily increasing. However, the past thirty days clearly stand out as a more prominent booster. The surprise NFT marketplace hit from earlier this year and the Tezos blockchain are still in their early days. However, such strong trends could be interpreted as a positive signal for the performance of the dapp in the future. 

Hic et Nunc leads the pack, while XTZ token rises

Hic et Nunc is not the only Tezos-based dapp that has seen an influx of users recently. In fact, in the past seven days, all top five decentralized applications on Tezos have seen a boost in UAW. 

Hic et Nunc

One of the main driving factors behind this influx of users on the Tezos blockchain is the recent price hike the XTZ token has experienced. According to data from CoinGecko, XTZ has seen almost a 100% increase in valuation in a matter of thirty days. Interestingly, today XTZ hit a monthly high of $4.38, which is about 50% less than the tokens’ all-time high. 

The steep increase in value for XTZ holders pushed many of them to explore the DeFi and NFT spaces. This, in turn, boosted activity for Tezos dapps across the board. DappRadar will continue monitoring all Tezos dapps, especially Hic et Nunc’s development, as the marketplace establishes itself among NFT collectors. 

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