Hera Network Volume Spikes Thanks to Farms

In the past seven days, Hera Network volume went up more than 500%

Hera Network, the all-in-one Tezos hub that offers P2P betting, P2P lottery, and P2P lending, has now introduced yield farming as well. Thanks to the new farms, the platform saw a more than 500% increase in the volume passing through its smart contracts in the past seven days.

The number of unique active wallets and the number of transactions processed in this time period also increased significantly. Yield farming is becoming increasingly popular as a way to take advantage of DeFi solutions and secure passive income. Hera Network picked up on this trend. Consequently, the Olympus Dev Team introduced a farming functionality to the platform.

Interestingly, while the number of unique active wallets is relatively low, the volume going through the platform reached almost $800,000.

Currently, the platform supports three farms – HERA and XTZ, HrDAO and XTZ, and hDAO and XTZ. 

Thanks to yield farming Hera Network climbed to the top three of Tezos DeFi Rankings for the week. 

Hera Network and Tez Calendar

The Tezos blockchain is attracting a lot of attention lately. Тhe introduction of numerous new dapps and marketplaces like Hic et Nunc. In order to help out users and bring even further utility to the Hera Network community, Olympus Dev is working on creating a Tez Calendar.

Hera Network

The idea behind Tez Calendar is to be the information hub for everything going on in the Tezos ecosystem. As Tezos develops further and more dapps join the ecosystem, the need for such a calendar will become even more poignant. 

There is no set launch date for Tez Calendar at the moment. However, the developers detail that the application will be completely not-for-profit. With the launch of yield farming and promising upcoming projects like Tez Calendar, Hera Network is setting the bar high for competitors. DappRadar will continue following the platform’s development and its future performance. 

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