Hashmasks Looking to Expand into the Metaverse

Hashmasks NFT metaverse

The NFT collection will expand into NFT avatars, virtual museums and games

The generative art project Hashmasks moves into the metaverse. It will launch an NFT avatar collection, create virtual museums and even finance the production of a play-to-earn game. Together with the MaskDAO the team wants to hop on the current hype train for virtual worlds and NFT avatars. 

The Hashmasks NFT collection made headlines at the beginning of 2021, and can arguably be seen as one of the developments that spurred the avatar NFT hype. However, Hashmasks were always meant as artworks. As trading volume dropped over time and attention of the community moved elsewhere, the team now wants to revitalize interest in their project by expanding into the metaverse. Big time. 

The Hashmasks team will partner with external parties and set up grants for community developments. The team wants to double down on offering ways to showcase an Hashmask NFT, while NFT owners gain more opportunities to earn from their artwork. For example, NFT owners can earn income from official digital prints. In addition they are looking at merchandise, like mugs and shirts. 

The plans for the community grants are possibly even more interesting. The Hashmasks team acquired land in various virtual worlds in order to celebrate and display the NFT collection. In addition they will create a story around the artwork, which could be the foundation for a play-to-earn game. Ultimately Hashmasks wants to become a brand with artworks, avatar NFT, virtual real-estate, play-to-earn games and physical merchandise. 

Hashmasks finding renewed interest

Amidst the hype surrounding Bored Apes and CryptoPunks, Hashmasks already found some renewed interest from NFT collectors. In the past 7 days the trading volume increased 1,241% to more than $2,51 million. This volume came from 753 traded NFTs. These numbers place Hashmasks above CyberKongz, but below Moon Cats, CoolCats, and Stoner Cats. 

It will be interesting to see what will happen to Hashmasks as the developers and the MaskDAO add more functionality for NFT holders. Potentially additional utility will increase demand and with it increase pricing.

Want to learn more about Hashmasks? Read our valuation report.

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