Harmony Timeless 1Wallet Beta Waitlist is Live

Harmony Timeless 1Wallet Beta Waitlist is Live
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The web3 wallet promises exciting social features and unprecedented security

Harmony One is among the fastest-growing blockchain ecosystems at the moment, and the Timeless 1Wallet will offer the ultimate web3 experience for users of the Harmony blockchain. The team is still busy testing the wallet, which currently is in its early beta testing stages. However, interested users can now sign up for the waitlist to join the beta test soon. 


  • Timeless 1Wallet will bring a complete web3 suite of tools to its users with DeFi and NFT support
  • Social features will be a significant focus, allowing users to send and receive crypto and NFTs through private chats
  • The team also teased innovative security measures and social backups

Timeless 1Wallet launches closed beta waitlist

As the Harmony blockchain continues to attract waves of new users, the need for a dedicated web3 wallet is growing. Timeless 1Wallet is already in the works and the team has now launched the beta waitlist registration. 

To sign up for the beta test phase of the 1Wallet, you need to fill in this registration form. According to the official roadmap, the beta will first drop to iOS users, and towards the end of Q2 2022, Android users will be added to the list. Ultimately, the Timeless 1Wallet team aims to have the public beta testing out towards the end of June. 

Currently, details regarding the upcoming 1Wallet release are scarce. However, the team boasts an interactive teaser website shedding light on the overall functionalities the wallet will have. Importantly, they have placed a big focus on integrating a solid social element into the 1Wallet experience. 

Everything you need in one wallet

The Harmony Timeless 1Wallet promises to offer an all-around web3 experience with next-level social features. According to the official Discord channel, the wallet will support both DeFi functionalities and NFT portfolio and trading. 

Importantly, Timeless 1Wallet will have an integrated chat function allowing users to interact and communicate with each other and exchange assets. Sending an NFT or a crypto deposit will be as easy as sending a meme.

The team has also teased the possibility of enhanced DeFi tools like staking. For the time being, 1Wallet will start only by supporting Harmony’s native token ONE. Still, as the product develops, more Harmony-based tokens will be added.

Timeless 1Wallet bets on security

As with anything crypto-related, security is of prime importance. According to the teaser campaign, Timeless 1Wallet will offer users unprecedented security features. Seed phrase protection, social backups and recovery, and a face ID locking mechanism are just a few of the security features expected on the new web3 wallet. 

The 1Wallet team still has to release more detailed information regarding the specific security practices they will employ. However, they are already making it clear that security will be a top priority. 

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