Harmony Continues Web3 Push As More Dapps Join Its Ecosystem

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Ender’s Gate and OpenOcean are the dapps to watch on Harmony

Harmony is committed to developing efficient Web3 infrastructure, empowering the next-gen dapps. The blockchain enables Ethernet applications to run smoothly in its network. Recently, Harmony’s ecosystem has achieved several milestones, with various dapps joining and diversifying its ecosystem. 


  • Harmony is an optimal scalable Web3 infrastructure for DeFi and NFT projects to thrive.
  • Harmony has recently added many innovative blockchain dapps to its ecosystem. 
  • Notably, OpenOcean, the multi-chain dapp available on Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Harmony, and more has seen a whopping 3000% increase in unique users.

The blockchain space evolves faster than ever, with new trends springing up overnight. The current blockchain landscape is no longer “Ethereum takes all”, we’ve seen many decentralized networks crop up to propose users with more affordable, scalable, and efficient solutions. 

Among all the solutions, Harmony effectively complements the existing Ethereum network and can run Ethereum applications with 2-second transaction finality and 100 times lower fees. This makes Harmony optimal scalable Web3 infrastructure for DeFi and NFT projects. Therefore, the ecosystem is ushering in many innovative blockchain dapps, ranging from GameFi to DEX. 

Ender’s Gate: Inspired by Hearthstone, powered by blockchain

Harmony dapps Ender's Gate

Ender’s Gate is a play-to-earn NFT trading card game (TCG) on the Harmony blockchain. The game is inspired by some big-name TCGs, such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic The Gathering, and Hearthstone. 

Ender’s Gate is a game of skill that engages players with an intriguing storyline, fascinating characters, and meticulously-designed gameplay. In Ender’s Gate, payers can collect, trade, and battle using their decks and build unique strategies to maximize gains.

The team behind Ender’s Gate has been ramping up its effort to bring new features and updates to users. This week, DappRadar caught up with Ender’s Gate team to speak about future plans coming to the game. Check out the AMA video below and find out more. 

OpenOcean: a booster for Harmony’s DeFi landscape

OpenOcean is a powerful DeFi and CeFi aggregator that provides a one-stop trading experience for spot and derivative trading. Firstly available on 14 different chains, such as Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Solana, Polygon, and many more, OpenOcean has now been integrated into Harmony as well. 

OpenOcean can identify the most efficient swaps for traders. To determine the optimal route to process trading, OpenOcean leverages its scientifically-designed algorithm to optimize critical factors such as price, gas fee, slippage, and routing. 

Most importantly, OpenOcean is free.  as Harmony’sgas fees and exchange commissions when conducting trades are extremely low.

Although OpenOcean only landed on Harmony two months ago, it has already achieved significant growth in user numbers. The dapp has seen a whopping 3000% increase in unique users over the past 30 days.

Final thoughts

As a visionary and practitioner for Web3, Harmony adheres to the mission of scaling trust and creating a radically fair economy. Harmony strives to provide a scalable, efficient, cost-effective Web3 infrastructure for DeFi and NFT. As more and more dapps join the Harmony ecosystem, this is a solid testament to their outstanding performance and versatility.

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