Habbo Boosts NFT Credits Utility with Free NFT Airdrop

Habbo Boosts NFT Credits Utility with Free NFT Airdrop

Habbo will airdrop a Bronze Holo Steampunk furni NFT to 100,000 IMX-enabled wallets

The team behind Habbo Avatars and Habbo Portraits has announced a free NFT airdrop open to anyone with an IMX-enabled Ethereum address. The airdrop aims to bring a new layer of utility to the recently introduced NFT Credits scheme.

The upcoming airdrop will give 100,000 IMX-enabled Ethereum addresses a Bronze Holo Steampunk furni NFT. This is the first level of rarity in the Holo Steampunk series, which is why Habbo is giving away so many of the furni NFTs. Importantly, in order to upgrade their furni NFT to a higher rarity level, collectors will need NFT credits. 

To craft five bronze steampunks into a gold one, collectors will not need NFT credits. However, 

To merge five gold steampunks into a diamond one, collectors will need 100 NFT credits. Additionally, making five diamond steampunks into a rainbow one will require 500 NFT credits. In this sense, the Habbo team aims to introduce more collectors to the Steampunk furni NFTs by offering the entry point into the project for free. 

Habbo NFT holders will also receive free NFTs

Aside from opening up the free airdrop of Bronze Steampunk furni to anyone with an IMX-enabled wallet, the Habbo team will also airdrop higher rarity level NFTs. They will do this to collectors who are already part of the Habbo community. Collectors who own an Avatar or Portrait NFT might be eligible to receive a free Gold Holo Steampunk furni NFT.

For the moment, the Habbo team is yet to release more details about the Habbo holders’ airdrop. However, the preliminary announcement states that around 20,000 eligible collectors will receive the Gold furni NFT airdrop. The team still needs to release an official eligibility criteria list, so Habbo players should keep an eye out for this information.

When will the Steampunk furni NFTs drop?

Both airdrops are scheduled to happen on March 23rd. In order for interested collectors to take part in the Bronze Steampunk furni NFT airdrop, they have to fill in a form with their Ethereum address. Importantly, the Ethereum address should be IMX-enabled. 

In order to enable IMX support for your Ethereum wallet, visit this link. It will guide you through the connection process, and you can easily prepare your wallet in anticipation of the drop. Once you’ve enabled IMX for your wallet, fill in this Google form. This way you’ll register for the airdrop list, and you will get a chance to be one of 100,000 lucky collectors who will receive a Bronze Steampunk furni NFT.

DappRadar will continue monitoring the Habbo ecosystem as more collectors will flock to receive their free Steampunk furni NFT. To learn more about Habbo NFTs and the new NFT credit scheme check out the links below. Additionally, you can follow DappRadar on Twitter to get the latest NFT news first.

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