Guild of Guardians NFT Prices Down After Launch Delay

Guild of Guardians NFT Prices Down After Launch Delay
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GoG NFT prices are down after the alpha game release delay.

Guild of Guardians (GoG) will be a free-to-play role-playing NFT game. Their store is already up and running and the game is highly anticipated with more than 300 thousand people on their playing waitlist. But why have GoG NFT prices decreased this week? Let´s uncover the story behind the data. 


NFT gaming is growing overall over the past year, defying the bear market as one of the most resilient categories. Metrics from our BGA Industry Report Q3 2022 show that gaming activity accounted for nearly half of all blockchain activity tracked by DappRadar across 50 networks.

A total number of 912,000 daily Unique active Wallets (UAW) interacted with gaming smart contracts in September. Guild of Guardians is part of this fast-growing ecosystem. 

What is Guild of Guardians? 

Guild of Guardians is an exciting multiplayer, fantasy, action RPG game with open multiplayer gaming capacity, allowing players to interact and battle each other.

In this fantasy realm, you have a team of heroes that you send into dungeons to fight against monsters and bosses, collect loot, craft equipment, and more. 

The fantasy game will be published by Immutable X, one of the most successful gaming blockchains in the market with a solid standpoint to reach a broad audience, disrupting the mobile game genre, especially onboarding those unfamiliar with Web3 gaming. 

The following graph shows the NFT sales volume and sales count of Immutable X. The past September month, totaled 771,604 in sales count. Compared to 219,331 in September 2021, we see a sales count increase of 71,57%.

Source: Tableau

Heroes Gaming NFT Collectibles

Play-to-earn elements are present in this fantasy game. In June 2021, GoG successfully sold out its first NFT Founder collection, generating $4.6M for its development.

Heroes gaming NFT Collectibles are uniquely inspired by many popular art drops, showcasing a looping visually appealing MP4 video, with audio, that immortalizes each hero. 

Why are GoG NFT prices down this week?

After two successful demos, the team decided to push back the launch of the hyped alpha release to 2023, that was previously scheduled for the end of 2022. The team cited reasons such as improvements to their high-quality offering. 

There will be a higher focus on navigating the rules and requirements needed to launch a Web3 game in the App store. Also, improvements include integrating a seamless player wallet experience into the end-to-end game and blockchain systems, empowering GoG to onboard millions into Web3. 

The reactions were mixed on Twitter, with some users appreciative of the team´s transparency and showing a general understanding of how complex it is to develop a game, let alone a blockchain game with sustainable tokenomics. 

However, others weren´t so enthusiastic to learn the news.

Source: Guild of Guardians Twitter

The market reacted showing a decline in demand, placing GoG Heroes NFTs as number 6 in our rankings. At the time of this writing, Hero NFTs average price is down at 40,49 % while Pets hit a 70,58 % low and “Other” decreased by 38,54%

How to play Guild of Guardians using DappRadar?

Although the game isn´t live yet, you can keep the following in mind, so you are ready for the big day when it comes sometime next year. 

  1. You must have a mobile device to play it.
  2. Get a crypto wallet.
  3. Join the mailing list and pre-register for the game with your email address.
  4. Buy GoG NFTs on ImmutableX 
  5. Download DappRadar´s mobile app, connect your crypto wallet and access the GoG dapp.

Successful teamwork is crucial and the game involves a fair amount of strategy and action elements in a synergy system where each hero NFT has unique attributes that affect their roles.

You must build a strong team of Guardians for your guild and assign different roles like Tank, Healer, Support, and Attacker types.

The power level (class) of a character can impact the outcomes of battles, where teams join efforts to beat a single boss and get the best loot if successful.

Some monsters will be easier to defeat than others, based on the quality of your team. The combat dynamics add to the fun including light and heavy attacks, attack combos, ultimate attacks and dodging.

Closing thoughts

Despite the recent decline, we are bullish about the future of Guild of Guardians on Immutable X. The game has a vibrant community and has developed solid partnerships with leading brands such as Ubisoft, The Sandbox and Yield Guild, signaling a strong commitment to its long-term success.

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