Gucci Launches 10 Exclusive SuperGucci NFTs

Gucci Launches 10 Exclusive SuperGucci NFTs

The fashion house is the latest in a series of brands to join the NFT hype

Fashion house Gucci has announced a big step into the NFT space with its SuperGucci collection, which is about to launch on February 1st. The collection will feature 10 collaborative pieces created alongside toy giant Superplastic.

The announcement came from Gucci’s official Twitter account alongside a roadmap of the fashion house’s future metaverse plans. According to the thread, Gucci will bet heavily on becoming active in the metaverse. These efforts will start with a dedicated Discord account and the revolutionary Gucci Vault. The Vault aims to reimagine the brand’s heritage through new digital realms.

The SuperGucci NFT collection will consist of 10 exclusive NFTs. Each of them was created and designed in partnership with web3 toy and fashion brand Superplastic. Importantly, each NFT will also go alongside a hand-made ceramic figurine co-designed by Gucci creatives. 

While this is Gucci’s first foray into the NFT space, Superplastic has already ventured into the crypto world with several NFT collections, some of which even auctioned through Christie’s. News of the Gucci and Superplastic partnership has been circling since late last year, however, now the details of the collaboration have been revealed. The exclusive NFT drop will be held on February 1st and visible on the newly launched Gucci Vault

Gucci joins other big fashion names in the NFT space

Gucci is the latest in a wave of big fashion brands venturing into the digital collectibles world. Last week, Prada and Adidas announced an NFT collection in partnership. Last year, numerous fashion giants like Burberry and Dolce and Gabanna also made the jump.

This increased activity from fashion brands only goes to show that big designers are not afraid of the metaverse. On the contrary, virtual fashion is an exciting new venture for these companies, offering them access to a completely new audience. 

Virtual wearables are gaining momentum among the NFT community, as more and more virtual worlds and games start offering customizations. Seeing this rapid growth, fashion brands are hastily jumping on the bandwagon in an attempt to conquer this completely new market. 

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