Gods Unchained Tops Weekly Ranking With P2E Event

Gods Unchained Tops Weekly Ranking With P2E Event

Blessing of the GODS turns out to be a blessing!

This week’s top 10 blockchain games reveals Gods Unchained as the top dapp, with an undeniable advantage thanks to an extended play-to-earn event. Following closely, Arc8 ranks second thanks to the launch of its pre-season and the end of the beta testing period. 

Blockchain games have been at the forefront of crypto activity in the past several months. With this weekly article, DappRadar looks at the hottest gaming dapps. To compile this ranking, we’ve taken into account on-chain activity, NFT trading volumes, token valuations, and news and events surrounding each dapp.

Browse around the full list of the top 10 blockchain games of the week and click on the respective image to learn more about each platform. 

Top 10 Blockchain Games – Week 50

Gods Unchained tops the chart this week thanks to an announcement that the game’s play-to-earn event Blessing of the GODS will be extended. The news pushed activity on the Gods Unchained platform, which registered close to 10.000 unique player wallets this week. Additionally, the price of the game’s native token GODS has seen a terrific price hike, boosting its value 32% in the past seven days, to $6.41 at the time of writing. 

Arc8 is climbing the charts this week as the game has officially closed its beta phase. With the launch of the first Arc8 pre-season, a lot of game mechanics changed. This piqued the interest of users, and the platform attracted 36.270 unique active wallets in the past seven days. While the price of the GMEE token dropped by 7%, Arc8 is just getting started. Additionally, the fact that Arc8 is a mobile phone application, means that gamers can play on the go. This further boosts the platform’s reach in the gaming community. 

DeFi Kingdoms completes the top 3 this week, thanks to a stellar week for the game’s native token JEWEL. It gained close to 30% in valuation over the past seven days, effectively boosting the passive income opportunity for players. The JEWEL price hike was also the result of increased activity on the dapp, which attracted 73.090 unique active wallets in the past week. 

NFT Worlds makes it back into the chart, after ranking just shy of tenth place last week. The virtual world is picking up the pace, as users continue to flock to all things metaverse. Impressively, the virtual world reached an important milestone this week. The floor price for an NFT Worlds land plot surpassed the 1 ETH mark. 

Upland continues to successfully climb positions in the weekly games rankings. Moving up a position from last week, the real estate blockchain game attracted 165.520 unique active wallets. The Upland team has also announced the Ultimate Fan Challenge. It allows players to stack up Fan Scores in support of their favorite football team. With the challenge now live, Upland is setting itself for another successful week. This is also a good setup for a possible appearance in the charts again in seven days. 

BSC behemoth Alien Worlds continues to attract huge waves of play-to-earn enthusiasts, ranking sixth in this week’s chart. With more than 510.000 unique active wallets connected to the platform in the past week, this is the second most visited dapp in this week’s chart. There wer no major news or announcements surrounding Alien Worlds this week. However, the game solidifies its position thanks to a growing community of fans. 

Play-to-earn giant Axie Infinity is enjoying the lull of success and ranks seventh in this week’s top 10 blockchain games. Following an important revamp of the breeding costs and thus the value of SLP tokens, this week Axie managed to attract 312.560 unique active wallets. Importantly, the Axie NFT collection continues to draw in traders. It generated more than $83 million in trading volume in the past seven days. 

Last week’s top performer Splinterlands finds itself on the opposite side of the chart this week. The reveal of the Chaos Legion pack had a positive impact on the game’s performance last week. However, Splinterlands is now experiencing a bit of a slowdown in terms of news and hype. Still, the trading card game attracted 529.640 unique active wallets, making it the most visited dapp in this week’s list. 

WorldWideWeb3 continues on its road to becoming a leader in the virtual world sector. The team behind the game has been very active in engaging with the community and organizing numerous community-building events throughout the week. Importantly, WorldWideWeb3 beats big competitors like The Sandbox and Decentraland thanks to the novelty factor. Also important to note, the virtual world is somewhat benefiting from the fact that it doesn’t yet have a native token, which unfortunately dealt a bad card to competitors, as metaverse tokens are dropping in price. 

Last but not least in this week’s top ten we have Farsite. While the game has benefited from increased attention in previous weeks, the effect of the recent new sectors reveal is beginning to wear off. Despite that, Farsite is still among the most popular games on the Polygon blockchain. The DeFi-powered platform has the potential to climb up the chart. DappRadar will definitely keep a close eye on Farsite’s development.

Gods Unchained proves that passive income is important

This week’s top performer Gods Unchained is a clear indication that passive income opportunities are important for gamers. As the play-to-earn movement is becoming the industry standard, additional earning opportunities prove to be a deciding factor for gamers. 

Gods Unchained’s Blessing of the GODS event has had a positive effect on the user base of the game. It also pushed the native token’s valuation. Of course, there is a clear correlation between the increasing interest in the platform, and the spike in price for the GODS token. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the blockchain gaming space, as crypto enthusiasts find the benefits of play-to-earn as a ‘passive’ income source. Sure, you still need to complete game challenges, but when the game is fun this is no punishment. While revolutionary dapps like Axie Infinity are still dominating the space, newcomers in the play-to-earn realm like Gods Unchained are steadily gaining traction. To keep up to date with the latest news and trends from the blockchain gaming space, follow DappRadar on Twitter, and join our Discord community. Stay tuned, as next week’s top 10 might bring forward a new surprising entry at the top. 

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