Gaming Dapps Are Thriving on SKALE’s Zero-Gas Blockchain Network

Gaming Dapps Are Thriving on SKALE’s Zero-Gas Blockchain Network
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CryptoBlades and Block Brawlers are now available on SKALE, with more games in the pipeline.

SKALE’s zero-gas network can take blockchain gaming dapps to the next level. The unique architecture of SKALE supports free minting, high throughput, and instant finality of transactions. Most importantly, there is no gas cost for end users. 


  • SKALE wants to fuel the blockchain gaming sphere with its high-performing and zero-gas network of blockchains.
  • SKALE is modular, agile, and EVM-compatible, making it well suited for hosting blockchain games.
  • Various gaming dapps are already running on SKALE, including CryptoBlades and Block Brawlers.
  • Moreover, SKALE is ushering in an array of games and gaming ecosystems with Snook, DEXGame, StonkLeague, CryptoCrusades, Metaverse Invaders, and Crypto Colosseum joining the network. 

The crypto market is obviously not in its best shape right now. However, it is unfair to say that declining figures are the entire story of the current crypto industry. 

After digesting a quarter of market data, DappRadar revealed some positive signals in its BGA Q2 Report. According to the report, blockchain games are least affected by the bear market, with gaming dapps recording nearly 1.1 million UAWs in the second quarter of this year. Notably, it is an impressive 232% growth compared to the same quarter in 2021.

With get-rich-quickers retreating from the volatile market, game developers can finally focus on interacting with genuine gamers and tackling their needs. With this in mind, SKALE wants to provide game developers with an indispensable base to build dapps on, which is a high-performing and zero-gas network of Ethereum native blockchains.

How can gaming dapps benefit from SKALE?

SKALE envisions a Web3 future powered by scalability and interoperability. To achieve so, SKALE introduced a highly configurable network of on-demand blockchains that is entirely interoperable and compatible with Ethereum. But what does this mean for users and developers?

Firstly, such a design allows SKALE to inherit security from Ethereum. Furthermore, SKALE’s modular architecture offers an agile network for developers to implement specific services to run their dapps in the ecosystem.

The most appealing benefit of running dapps on SKALE is that the network doesn’t charge any gas fees to its end-users. So, for instance, if players want to swap game tokens using Ruby.Exchange, the SKALE-native exchange, transactions are gas-free.

SKALE’s architecture makes it well suited for hosting blockchain games. Features of SKALE, such as gasless user experience, zero-cost minting, on-chain random number generator, high throughput, and instant finality, lay a solid foundation for an immersive, responsive, and seamless user experience.

Gaming dapps are ready to SKALE up

The SKALE network spared no effort to create a universe of interconnected and interactive blockchains in which developers can make their ambitions a reality. It is worth mentioning that various gaming teams have favored SKALE‘s zero-gas, eco-friendly and versatile infrastructure.

CryptoBlades and Block Brawlers users can already enjoy a SKALE-powered gasless gaming experience.

CryptoBlades is a play-to-earn RPG game that lets users participate in combat using their assets to earn the game’s native token, SKILL. The game is available across multiple blockchains, including Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche, and SKALE. 

If users connect to the game via SKALE, they can enjoy a 100% gas-free gaming experience. This has undoubtedly made CryptoBlades an even more popular dapp, and its outstanding data speaks for itself. The game has attracted around 32,000 users in total and generated 3.48 million transactions over the last 30 days.

Block Brawlers is another P2E game that leverages SKALE’s robust network to optimize the gaming experience for its users. In Block Brawlers, players can train their unique characters, complete quests, and battle to gain remunerative rewards. 

Block Brawlers on SKALE

Thanks to SKALE’s zero-gas nature, this fast-paced game allows users to indulge in the excitement without worrying about the cost.

DEXGame, Snook, and Crypto Crusades are joining SKALE

More games are joining the SKALE network, ranging from strategy, and leisure to the metaverse, adding diversity to SKALE’s gaming ecosystem. So let’s have a sneak peek at what games are coming to SKALE.


DEXGame (DEXG) is initially an Ethereum blockchain-based metaverse for gaming industry stakeholders. Now, DEXGame will expand its dynamic universe to the SKALE network. 

The most amazing features of DEXGame include its cyberpunk visual elements and an unprecedented immersive experience. This is exciting for those projects that want to make a big splash in the gaming field because they will be able to curate a unique experience for users in DEXGame. Moreover, it will be backed by SKALE’s gasless network.

DEXGame coming to SKALE


Snook is a skill-based NFT-powered blockchain game. The game is simple to play but has a unique economic model that combines play-to-earn and DeFi. Snook’s in-game ecosystem is facilitated by its SNK token. 

Players need to pay SNK to acquire Snook-NFT, the in-game character, to start competing with each other. When users have SNK tokens in their wallets, they can also stake them to unlock unique game privileges.


CryptoCrusades is a mobile-friendly, grand strategy game developed by Merfolk Games Studio. Currently, the game is still in development and will be available for IOS and Android users in the future. CryptoCrusades allows users to construct buildings, trade, and battle other civilizations to grow their blockchain empires. 

crypto crusade

Final words

With venture capital still bullish on blockchain gaming and having invested $2.5 billion in Q2 of this year, it is clear that the gaming sector is not going backward. This indirectly proves that user demand for blockchain gaming is showing rigidity. SKALE is adding momentum to the blockchain gaming world from a technical perspective and helping fuel blockchain’s mass adoption.

To incentivize more gaming dapps to join the network, SKALE has launched a $5 Million grant program for game devs and projects building P2E, Metaverse, and NFT Games. 

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