Gamified DeFi Attracting Audiences: Mobox up 26%

Gamified dapps gain users across all chains

Gamified DeFi applications are gaining significant amounts of traction among dapp enthusiasts. Regardless of the blockchain they are built on, dapps like Mobox, the NFT farming platform, are attracting more users. Over the past week, Mobox saw a 26.9% increase in the number of unique active wallets on its smart contracts. 

The number of transactions on Mobox has also increased slightly to 93,450 over the past seven days. The past twenty-four hours confirm the upwards trend, as Mobox attracted more than five thousand unique wallets. 

Gameified DeFi

Mobox is one of the platforms that push DeFi gamification to the next level by combining competitive elements and NFTs. According to the founders, GameFi is going to be one of the biggest trends in blockchain technology and decentralized finance in the upcoming months. 

Play-to-earn decentralized apps are becoming increasingly popular. While traditionally players invest money in games, gamified DeFi solutions provide additional incentives for players to advance further and continue playing. 

Gamified DeFi and play-to-earn games advance across all chains

Mobox is not the only blockchain-based play-to-earn game that has experienced an upward trend in the past week. An interesting thing to note is that the trend is universal across several blockchains. The Wax-based game Alien Worlds saw a 9.6% increase in unique wallets. EOS-based Upland also saw an increase of 3.4%.

All of the top four dapps in the DappRadar gaming leaderboard are displaying positive trends in terms of unique active wallets in the past 24 hours. 

This is not an insignificant trend. The thirty-day stats show the same – an increase in users across the board, regardless of the blockchain.

Additionally, the increased activity also pushes the respective NFT collections. Axie Infinity is steadily holding the number one position in the DappRadar NFT collections rankings. Alien Worlds has also climbed up and is now in the top fifteen. 

The combination of entertainment and competitiveness, along with the opportunity for monetary rewards makes gamified DeFi and play-to-earn gaming a very attractive service for users. DappRadar will continue to monitor the advancement of GameFi across all platforms and blockchains, as it seems the upwards trend will continue for weeks to come. 

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