GameFi Platform CryptoBlades Makes a Comeback

GameFi Platform CryptoBlades Makes a Comeback
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Unique active wallets interacting with the game increased 213% in seven days

CryptoBlades is one of the biggest gaming platforms on Binance Smart Chain. While the dapp has had some turbulent weeks recently, it has made a brilliant comeback in the past seven days, boosting its user base by 213%. 

Attracting more than 32.000 unique active wallets, the platform also saw processed transactions skyrocket 160% to just under 100.000. Additionally, the trading volume processed by CryptoBlades increased 75% to more than $19.000. 


An array of factors influenced this steadily positive weekly performance. However, it signals a rebirth of the CryptoBlades platform. Thanks to the boost in activity, the game’s native token SKILL also saw an increase in valuation, reaching $18.90 at the time of writing. 

Black Friday deals

One of the main drivers of activity for the CryptoBlades platform was a serious Black Friday promo deal. In a tweet, the CryptoBlades team announced that all NFTs minted during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday events will come with a 25% discount. The promotional price also includes purchasing items like potions and cosmetics through the official Skill Shop.


Additionally, the team announced that all weapons reforged during this promotional event would benefit from a 3x power multiplier. Reforging weapons is the process of spending SKILL tokens to burn one weapon into another. The target weapon receives bonus power, while the burned weapon disappears.

CryptoBlades Kingdoms

The second contributing factor for CryptoBlades’ recent performance is the launch of the Kingdoms land sale. CryptoBlades Kingdoms is a subsequent game release from the creators of the original platform. The idea behind the game is simple; own land and build an empire. In CryptoBlades Kingdoms, players start from a small, single node village, but have the ability to expand their empire and influence on the surrounding land. Within weeks, an efficient village may be ready to recruit missionaries to expand their reach further.

The official land sale took place in October. However, what caused an influx of new users was a metaverse dance competition, which saw winners receive Kingdoms land NFTs. This increased attention also had a positive impact on the performance of the original CryptoBlades platform. 

Aside from promotional events and competitions, the team has been actively partnering up with other platforms and protocols. The team recently announced that the game’s native token SKILL is now available on Avalanche-based exchange Pangolin. This broadening of the reach introduces CryptoBlades to new audiences, effectively boosting activity on the platform as well. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring CryptoBlades, as the game takes on the path of former successes. With active community rewards programs and promotional events, the game is on the right track to reach the top ten, and even top five of BSC gaming dapps in DappRadar Rankings. To learn the latest about gaming on BSC, and CryptoBlades, follow DappRadar on Twitter and Discord

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