Gala Film Lets Everyone Profit From the Movie Industry

gala film lets everyone profit from the movie industry

How does Web3 benefit the film industry?

Gala Film Nodes are on sale. Users can purchase these nodes to support content distribution on the Gala Film platform and earn rewards. Notably, this is Gala Games’ strategic move in pioneering a revolution in decentralized entertainment.


  • Gala Games is a decentralized gaming platform powered by GALA tokens
  • The blockchain gaming platform has recently launched a decentralized film platform called Gala Film.
  • The Gala Film platform introduces Film Nodes as the foundation of its entertainment ecosystem.
  • Running a Film Node can bring users rewards. 

According to Statista, global box office revenue in 2021 rose to $21.3 billion from $11.8 billion the previous year. Imagine how awesome it would be for the public to become profit sharers in this ten-billion-dollar global market. Fortunately, this dream is turning into reality, thanks to Gala Film.

Who is Gala?

Gala or Gala Games is a gaming platform with a mission to build blockchain games that users actually want to play. The most anticipated game on its platform is Mirandus, a fantasy MMO with immersive gameplay. Gala Games’ system is secured through a network of nodes and facilitated by GALA tokens.

Every year, Gala hosts May Mayhem, one of the most anticipated events in the Gala ecosystem, to reward users with generous rewards. To become eligible for Mayhem’s million-dollar prize pool, users must play the games in the Gala ecosystem, such as Town Star and Spider Tanks.

If you are a game lover, DappRadar Games Ranking makes it easy to find the most popular games out there. Click on the link to learn more about Gala Games’ latest achievements. You can also see the recent performance of the GALA token here.

What is Gala Film, and how to participate?

The blockchain gaming platform has recently made a new foray into the entertainment industry.  A few weeks ago, Gala announced the launch of Film Nodes, and the sales of Film Nodes are still going on.

These Nodes are the foundation of Gala’s decentralized entertainment ecosystem. By owning and operating a Film Node license, users can support the content hosting across Gala Film and receive rewards for their contribution. To own a Gala Film Node, users can buy from the official website and pay in GALA or ETH.

DappRadar TokenSwap allows you to obtain GALA tokens easily.


Film Nodes and NFTs will power the Gala Film ecosystem. Each title that goes live on Gala Film will include elements of digital content that fans can own as NFTs. But what are the benefits of holding these NFTs? Here’s where the watch-to-earn mechanism comes into play.

The watch-and-earn mechanism allows NFT owners to gain token rewards as a result of viewers watching the films their NFT is linked to. But this comes with the prerequisite that their NFTs are connected to a Film Node. 

Most importantly, Film Node operators will also receive these incentives for enabling NFTs to be accessible on the Gala Film platform. 

What are the rewards?

So what will the rewards be, specifically? Once Gala Film’s content distribution platform is live, Film Node operators will earn rewards in Gala Film tokens. It’s worth noting that while the Gala Film platform is still under construction, Node operators can already receive incentives. That’s POPCORN!.

POPCORN! is a unique NFT reward available to Film Node operators. It can boost the efficiency of Node operators by allowing them to run an increased workload. Therefore,  once the Gala Film Token is live, those who own POPCORN! will receive a greater reward.

gala film nodes rewards popcorn

How Gala Film Nodes redefines the paradigm of Web3 entertainment

Gala Film strives to create a win-win-win economy that empowers artists, fans, and supporters. The platform promises to make emerging filmmakers more visible and provide them with new opportunities to monetize their hard work.

Moreover, Gala wants to incentivize anyone who contributes to content. So whether it is someone who spreads word-of-mouth about the film or promotes a promising artist, they deserve to be rewarded for adding to the success of the content. 

In addition, Gala Film will focus on protecting intellectual property. Gala Film will achieve this goal as a decentralized film ecosystem through technologies that elevate, encourage filmmakers, and safeguard their rights.

Gala Film Ecosystem will soon release a litepaper for users to understand better how everything works. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the latest developments of Gala Film and Gala’s ecosystem. Follow us on Twitter, Discord, and Youtube to keep up with the dynamic blockchain world. 

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