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Explore opportunities across the Fuse dapp ecosystem

DappRadar now offers access to a range of DeFi, NFT, gaming, and utility dapps on the Fuse Network blockchain. Users can analyze which dapps attract the most volume, unique user wallets, or process the most transactions through the Fuse rankings. Users gain insight into which dapps and tokens build solid communities and value on Fuse. 

Dapp projects such as GoodDollar and FuseFi stand out. Fuse.Fi offers users similar token swap functionality to dapps like Uniswap. Letting them swap tokens available on the Fuse network. GoodDollar is a digital universal basic income (UBI) project that has consistently featured among the top 10 dapps by the number of daily active users. It leverages DeFi to create a stream of free digital currency that can be claimed by those who need it most. 

Fuse’s approach to bringing crypto payments and DeFi to the masses empowers other projects, businesses, organizations, and communities to adopt crypto payments and DeFi. The Fuse platform comprises three core parts and was founded in 2019 to bring the power of mobile payments to communities around the world. 

  • The Fuse wallet technology provides a convenient mobile gateway to payments and DeFi. 
  • Fuse Studio offers businesses a platform to easily create and manage token-based applications. 
  • All of this happens on top of the Fuse Network blockchain, a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) blockchain operated by validators and optimized for payments. 

DappRadar invites dapp developers to submit their Fuse dapps to DappRadar, creating more visibility on The World’s Dapp Store. Users interested in learning more about Fuse could start by listening to our recent AMA with Fuse’s Head of Communications and PR, Robert Miller. 

How to add Fuse to your Metamask

To begin using Fuse blockchain dapps, please add Fuse to your Metamask blockchain wallet using the instructions below. 

Use the following details and set up Fuse as a new network on your MetaMask wallet. Go to Custom RPC and enter the details below.

Network Name: Fuse
New RPC URL: https://rpc.fuse.io
Chain ID: 0x7a
Currency Symbol: Fuse
Explorer: https://explorer.fuse.io

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