Funko, Blockchain Brawler, and More Collections Drive up Wax NFT Volume

Funko, Blockchain Brawler, and More Collections Drive up Wax NFT Volume
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In-game NFTs are one of Wax’s top-performing sectors this month

Many Wax NFT-based projects have witnessed a significant increase in users, sales, and transactions over the past 30 days in the field. Notably, branded trading cards and in-game props have performed particularly well. This is evidence that users are gradually embracing these NFT use cases.

Blockchain gives users a fresh perspective to redefine entertainment, such as gaming, film and television, and digital assets. The aim is to create a user-owned economy for digital asset ownership leveraging blockchain technology. 

Notably, WAX is at the forefront of achieving this goal, providing a high-performance infrastructure for teams eager to empower their users through Web3 technology. As a result, many high-profile projects are utilizing Wax to meet the emerging needs of their users. Projects and brands currently pursuing this include Atari, Topps, and more. Furthermore, their Wax-based NFTs have seen remarkable growth in the last month.

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Atari classic games revived on Wax

Atari’s NFTs on Wax were designed for engraving Atari gaming’s legacy on the blockchain as digital collectibles. These masterfully-crafted NFTs are based on the original box art of Atari’s games from nearly 40 years ago. In addition to this, the initially static images are highly collectible with the addition of motion, game graphics, and 3D elements.

Atari has evolved into a cultural symbol in the history of games and has an unshakable place in the hearts of the early generations of gamers. Finding childhood memories, collectors worldwide have bought, traded, and sent this collection as a gift because the blockchain makes each collectible unique, immutable and verifiable in authenticity.

Atari Wax NFTs

Atari’s Wax-powered NFTs have seen a 304.64% spike in trading volume over the past 30 days, with traders increasing by nearly 40%.

Funko makes digital card trading highly enjoyable

In 2020, Topps was the first to come onto the WAX blockchain with their one-of-a-kind GPK trading cards leading the way for brands like Hasbro, Funko, and Capcom to enter the scene. As Topps has moved with the times to explore new possibilities for users in the Web3 era, we find more and more brands reviving their own collections in web3. 

The classic card collections of Topps have kept their charms alive on Wax as well. Garbage Pail Kids makes a strong comeback on the Wax blockchain, with 145% more volume and 22% more traders than last month.


The MLB World Series wrapped up excitingly in this early November. But the Topps MLB NFT Series is still going strong. The ever-popular sports card series on Wax has witnessed triple growth in volume, sales, and traders over the past 30 days, with the three numbers up 86%, 30%, and 51%, respectively.

MLB wax NFTs

Funko, the leading pop culture lifestyle brand, brings the fun of pop figure collecting to Web3. Using WAX blockchain technology, Funko enables collectors to buy and trade Funko digital collectibles on the WAX Marketplace, trade with others, and display them on social media.

Funko’s NFT collection is just as wildly-loved as its physical figures. Over the past 30 days, more than half a thousand unique wallets have traded Funko’s digital items, generating over 2,000 transactions in total.

NFT games like Blockchain Brawlers are gaining momentum on Wax

​​Blockchain Brawlers

Blockchain Brawlers ranked top 3 in sales among all Wax NFT collections tracked by DappRadar. This fun and hilarious game has been a hit with players since its launch.

In the currently available PvP mode, players will take part in an original head-to-head card game. To get started, users must have a Series 1 Brawler NFT, some playing cards(also NFTs), and the requisite set of moves (also NFTs) of their own choice.

Starter Packs contain all the in-game NFTs one needs to get started, but they come in limited editions. Click the button below for purchase details.

Dark Country

Dark Country is a Trading Card Game with a gothic art style set in a somber Wild West, featuring rangers, cowboys, haunted Indians, zombies, ghosts, and demons. This game is brimming with a mysterious and tense atmosphere and full of heart-pounding gameplay, making it a hype from this Halloween to today.

The game’s metrics are also in full green, with trading volume, sales, and traders increasing by 117%, 30%, and 250%, respectively.

Farming Tales

In addition, we must mention the game Farming Tales, the top-selling Wax gaming NFT this month.

Farming Tales is an NFT-based play-to-earn Game that aims to offer its players a unique gamified farming experience. Players can get their own farm where they need to grow and improve various products and assets.

More than that, the project is actually linked to real farms in Italy. Mixing elements of play-to-earn, casual-style simulation, and real-life benefits, Farming Tales brings an engaging experience that everyone can immerse in.

In-game NFT trading stats of Farming Tales performed exceptionally, with a 585% transaction spike. Traders and sales also had strong growth, up 145% and 182%, respectively.

In the past month, WAX’s NFT ecosystem has achieved notable results. There is no doubt that Wax’s status as the “King of the NFT” is unshakable. For an in-depth look at how WAX is reshaping how users interact with Web3 entertainment, read  DappRadar’s Ultimate WAX Guide.

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