From Trend to Treasure: How Jack Butcher’s NFT Vision Elevated Opepen’s Value

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Opepen was one of the most traded NFT collections last week, generating almost $50 million in 7 days. While Opepen is an exciting project in the NFT world, it’s not the only star in town. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most exciting Asian NFT projects, including Aotu World and Weirdo Ghost Gang, and explore the vibrant NFT scene in the oriental.

Why is Opepen continuing to gain popularity?

Opepen NFTs have experienced a surge in sales, with volume up 2,700.6% to $43.46 million. The floor price has also jumped by 922.54% to $1,110, while the average price increased by 449.75% to $1,080. These numbers illustrate Opepen’s growing popularity and rising value in the NFT market.

The creator of Opepen, visual artist Jack Butcher, stated that his focus is fully on the Checks project at the moment. So what is driving the explosive popularity of Opepen?

Many collectors believe that Opepen’s lower floor price, smaller collection, fewer listings, and the possibility of the creator’s future attention on the project are all bullish signals for the NFT. 

However, the real reason for the market’s belief in Opepen’s future potential may lie in visual artist Jack Butcher’s NFT manifesto, which he explained in the Twitter thread below.

The thread by Jack Butcher discusses his opinion that collecting conceptual NFTs that offer a deeper meaning (collectors derivatives) and emotional resonance (meme) is a better long-term strategy than holding PFPs. 

In a display of his creative vision, Jack Butcher demonstrated how a template could be utilized to forge conceptual art. And it sparked an outpouring of spontaneous participation. The usually nebulous idea of conceptual art was made tangible on the Ethereum canvas. 

Source: Twitter

However, the most notable aspect of this achievement was the newfound reliability of provenance for these digital works. With Butcher’s guidance and the foundation of the template, the resulting pieces take on a greater significance and coherence. They cement the value of conceptual art in the burgeoning world of NFTs.

The success of the Opepen project may be driven by its adherence to the values outlined in visual artist Jack Butcher’s NFT manifesto. Moreover, incorporating the widely recognized Pepe meme into the project has contributed to its broad appeal, resonating strongly with online communities.

A snapshot of noteworthy trends in the NFT space

This week, the NFT scene in Asia is worth keeping an eye on as several projects have been gaining attention.

As Hong Kong’s regulatory approach to cryptocurrencies has become more relaxed, it led many to be bullish on the potential of domestic NFT projects. As a result, some of the Chinese-founded NFT initiatives have experienced a recent uptick in activity.

Will Aotuverse become the Digidaigaku of the Chinese community?

OwnPass NFT project has seen remarkable growth in its sales performance over the past 7 days. The project has experienced a 12,918.67% increase in trading volume, a 239.42% increase in traders, and a staggering 1,168.58% increase in the number of sales. 

OwnPass is the first NFT collection from the renowned 3D anime series Aotu World, which has a massive fan base in China, Japan, Korea, and other countries. Aotu World was initially created by animation company 7 Doc and has since expanded to include comic and game series. 

Aotu World has continued its expansion through a series of partnerships, such as a collaboration with Roblox. Moreover, the recently launched project will be incorporated into a new metaverse game based on this IP, paving the way for its Web3 advancement. 

The latest news also reveals that MMV, an animation and entertainment company listed on NASDAQ, acquired the Aotu World IP after acquiring 7 Doc in 2021. With the backing of a major animation and entertainment company like MMV, Aotu World is well-positioned for continued success in the future.

Weirdo Ghost Gang: The Rising Star of Asian NFTs

Weirdo Ghost Gang (WGG), also known as Lil Ghost, is a popular PFP project and Web3 brand that originated in China and has recently gained tremendous traction. Its recent growth could be attributed to Hong Kong’s increasing interest in web3. 

WGG aims to bring together a community of Generation Z and NFT enthusiasts committed to creating a fun and collaborative environment in Web3. 

The project has seen volume surging to $1.17 million, a significant increase of 1,257.48%. The number of traders has increased by 111.24% to 188, while sales jumped by 478.48% to 914.

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