Frogs in Disguise Record $2 Million in NFT Sales

Frogs in Disguise Record $2 Million in NFT Sales

Big sales numbers while the collection is still not fully minted

Frogs in Disguise is an up-and-coming NFT collection that stipulates the story that the innocent frogs in Frognolia need saving from the storks. So far, more than 8300 frogs have been minted. Still, interestingly, the collection is already attracting a lot of traction on secondary markets, with upwards of $2 million in sales in the past week. 

The mission behind Frogs in Disguise – save, or in other words mint, 10.000 generative PFP frogs NFTs. This, of course will protect the frogs from the bad storks. One of the main drivers behind this uptick in activity is the fact that rarity traits are already visible for the frog NFTs. This allows collectors to pick and choose. While minting is still open, some NFT collectors prefer to make a safe bet and purchase a rare frog on the secondary market. With exactly a week passing since the official minting launched, Frogs in Disguise is well-positioned to protect Frognolia and reach the 10.000 NFTs mark soon. 

Frogs in Disguise Roadmap

Frogs in Disguise takes on an interesting approach to building its community and adding usability to its NFTs. According to the official roadmap, the ultimate goal when the collection is fully minted is to release an animated video series and a dedicated Frogs in Disguise game. 

Interestingly, among the accomplished milestones from the roadmap, there are some creative community-building tools. For example, with the first 1000 saved frogs, the devs team airdropped five additional NFTs to random holders. These NFTs represent main characters that will take center stage in the upcoming video series. 

Another brave marketing decision came when 5000 of the NFTs were minted. The devs team announced that a huge Frognolia billboard would be placed on Times Square in New York. This will highlight the accomplishment of this milestone. According to the official Discord channel, King Ribbit, the main driving force behind the collection, has already purchased and paid for the billboard. 

Last but not least, the 7500 minted frogs milestone. This is an important one, as it played a role in the increased trading activity the collection saw in the past seven days. According to the roadmap, King Ribbit should purchase 500 frogs listed below the minting price to keep the floor price for the collection relatively high. 

A quick check with the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker tool shows that King Ribbit kept his promise to some extent. His wallet currently holds upwards of 320 Frogs in Disguise NFTs. Most of these frogs were bought for around 0.08 ETH, which is the announced minting price.

Who is saving frogs?

King Ribbit purchased more than 300 frogs in order to keep the floor price relatively high. However, there are a couple more collector wallets stand out. Thanks to the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker tool, we can deep-dive into their collections. 

One interesting wallet that caught our attention is cryptoprowess.eth. This wallet currently only holds 2 Frogs in Disguise NFTs. However, OpenSea transaction history shows that this address minted more than 15 frogs. Interestingly, they all went for sale on the secondary market right away. By the looks of it, cryptoprowess.eth is an avid NFT collector. Exploring this wallet with the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker, we see that it contains 12 Art Blocks NFTs worth over $23.000 and numerous other collections. Cryptoprowess.eth also has an impressive total NFT count – 108 NFTs spread among 24 collections.

Another notable wallet that jumped at the cause and saved a frog is THE-NFT-MERCHANT. We presume this is a trading and investment wallet more than simply a collectors wallet, as the name suggests. Interestingly, this address purchased a frog NFT for a considerably higher amount than the mint price. This is not surprising to some extent as the frog has some pretty rare traits, including box shoes which can be found in only 0.25% of all NFTs minted so far. 

Aside from the pretty rare Frog 2649, this address holds seven more Frogs in Disguise NFTs. What’s more impressive, however, is the rest of this portfolio. The wallet contains a total of 258 NFTs, with entries from some prominent collections. Among the most notable, the address holds 14 Galaxy Eggs and 22 Omnimorphs. Additionally, the merchant has one Meebit, a Bored Ape Kennel Club NFT, and a Mutant Ape Yacht Club one. The total value of this NFT portfolio is upwards of $280.000, which is impressive, to say the least. 

Frogs in Disguise

Big NFT collectors and traders joining the frog-saving cause of Frogs in Disguise is a definite positive signal. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the collection as the minting phase is completed and the team moves on with the roadmap. Are you one of the kind-hearted NFT warriors that saved a Frog in Disguise? You can easily see the NFTs in your own collection with DappRadar Portfolio. Additionally, you can list any of your NFTs for sale thanks to the hand Single NFT Pages created for each token. Even better, you can buy NFTs straight through your Portfolio Tracker – for example, check out this pink body frog:

Frogs in disguise
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