Fortitude by Gala Games: A Closer Look at Clan Gameplay

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Fortitude is a tower defense game coming to the Gala Games ecosystem later this year

Fortitude is a web3 tower defense game that features play-to-earn mechanics and compelling team-based gameplay. It will come to the Gala Games ecosystem in Q4 this year. Fortitude aims to avoid the feeling of repetition that tower defense games usually have and engage players with more depth by combining play-to-earn gaming with clan gameplay.


  • Fortitude enriches Gala Games’ (GALA) ecosystem as a PvP tower defense game.
  • Its in-game ecosystem offers a wide range of NFT items, and Clans are among the most important ones. 
  • A Clan enables the upgrade from a Lord into a King to receive more in-game rewards.
  • To participate in battles, players need to serve or own a Clan, and winning the battles is crucial to gaining more Fortitude Tokens.

Variety makes Fortitude an excellent tower defense game

Tower defense is a classic game genre that enjoys a large base of players. Typically in tower defense games, players get to build their troops and fight against intruders. An excellent example of tower defense games are titles like Plants vs Zombies, Orc Must Die, Dungeon Defenders, and Kingdom Rush.  However, none of these featured NFTs or play-to-earn mechanics, elements that are typical for Web3-powered games.

Tower defense‘s gameplay can be pretty repetitive due to its round-based nature. Without extra narrative and variety, it may fail to keep players engaged. Therefore, tower defense should carefully craft the gameplay to keep bringing freshness and stimulation to players. 

Fortitude stands out as a PvP tower defense game due to its rich gameplay. For example, it provides a wide selection of defensive structures like cannon towers, arrow towers, and powerful magic buildings, allowing players to design their defense strategically.

Fortitude Clan gameplay

Moreover, the game boasts an intriguing narrative set in a dark fantasy world where players form Clans and compete against one another to invade and defend villages. On top of that, they have created a meticulously-designed reward economy with NFTs and in-game tokens. 

It is worth noting that Clans in Fortitude lay a crucial foundation for the game’s design, providing playability and depth to the game. Most importantly, the reward mechanism also critically attaches to the clan gameplay.

Master the Clan gameplay is the key to yielding 

Fortitude will leverage NFTs to facilitate its in-game ecosystem, and Clans are NFT game items as well. By owning a Clan NFT, a Lord can transform into a King and start to receive earnings from all the Lords that fight for this Clan. 

Once players build a competitive Clan and a defense-effective stronghold, then they are ready to win some in-game currencies, Fortitude Tokens. There are several ways to acquire Fortitude Tokens, and let’s dig into two of them.

One way that makes a player qualify for Fortitude Token rewards is to complete three missions given by the system. This mission mechanism works on a weekly basis. The players can continue working on the same tasks to gain more points over time.

Fortitude Clan

Another way is to destroy enemies effectively so that players earn Crowns, which boosts players’ Fortitude Token rewards. Players don’t need to completely destroy their opponents to get a certain amount of tokens. There is a well-designed system to measure the efficiency of the player’s battle by percentage. 

For example, players who achieve Level 1 Win are those who manage to destroy the enemy’s Town Hall or town buildings by 50%, and Level 2 Win means the destruction percentage is over 50%. In this example, Level 2 Win can bring players more Crowns, thus more Fortitude Tokens.

Final thoughts

Fortitude is a game that incorporates play-to-earn mechanics perfectly into the classic tower defense. To add to the playability, the team behind Fortitude, ROUND2, managed to provide a series of meaningful varieties for the game. In particular, Clans gameplay can engage players with a compelling narrative and a sense of mastery. 

According to the team, the game will launch in the Gala Games ecosystem in Q4 2022. By that time, a wider range of NFT items will be unveiled, including NFT Lands and potentially Heros, Troops, and Towers. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the latest developments of Gala Games and Fortitude. Follow us on Twitter, Discord, and Youtube to keep up with the dynamic blockchain world. 

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