Football NFT Moments with RealFevr and their FEVR token

FEVR tokens fantasy football NFT collectibles

Celebrate and collect memorable moments from famous football players

RealFevr is an upcoming NFT collectible platform where users and fans can collect moments of their favorite football players, but also join in fantasy football leagues. The FEVR token is the bread and butter of the RealFevr football ecosystem, allowing users to collect, borrow and lend digital collectibles. 

RealFevr allows players to join in free fantasy leagues, but also special token leagues using the FEVR token. They also need this same token to buy football moments, each moment being an NFT on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

Airdrop live on Monday, October 11th 2021

Now, why would you borrow or lend these NFT collectibles? The answer is simple. In the fantasy football leagues these NFT collectibles get you bonus points, power ups and boosts. So if you want to win in the fantasy football leagues, owning NFT collectibles is a serious benefit. Active players might need more collectibles, and borrowing is also useful when you can’t afford an expensive NFT. The token leagues can be lucrative, as players use their FEVR tokens to win and earn even more.

More plans ahead

The FEVR token has just hit the market. Traders can find it on PancakeSwap, while the developers also plan for a listing on Uniswap. Yes, that means that there will be a bridge to Ethereum, while a Polygon bridge will come as well. Before the end of the year the team also wants to introduce FEVR staking and a fiat onramp. 

For next year RealFevr wants to introduce a Clubs Launchpad, getting more clubs and players into their ecosystem. Furthermore, there will be a completely new play-to-earn football game. Details on this are not yet known.

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