Flyfish NFTs by Gary Vee Grant Access to Fine Dining

Flyfish NFTs by Gary Vee Grant Access to Fine Dining

The NFT collection attracted 1196% more traders in the past 7 days

Gary Vee is one of the most popular names in the NFT space, and his recently launched Flyfish NFT collection seems to be benefiting from his fame. Designed as a pass to exclusive dining experiences, Flyfish NFTs have attracted 1196% more traders in the past seven days, boosting trading volume to more than $12 million. 

Flyfish Club is a collection of 3035 NFT access passes each representing exclusive access to a fine dining experience in the upcoming Flyfish Club restaurant. This venue will be located in New York, created by an exquisite team of professionals, and spearheaded by Gary Vee himself. Flyfish Club also promises a remarkable food experience, combined with the exclusivity of an NFT-based membership. 

In the past seven days, Flyfish NFTs attracted 1258 traders and 889 sales. Impressively, the average price for one of these NFTs is $14.430, which boosted the trading volume to $12.83 million in the past week alone. 

Remarkably, the collection launched in mid-December last year, but is only now gaining traction among the crypto community. 

What do you get with Flyfish NFTs?

Flyfish NFTs come in two different classes – the traditional Flyfish and Flyfish Omakase. The traditional Flyfish pass grants access to all upcoming virtual and physical meetups and popups. Additionally, Flyfish members can enjoy the restaurant’s cocktail room, as well as the main dining room. 

Importantly, there are only 385 limited edition Omakase NFTs. They grant access to an exclusive membership Omakase dining room inside Flyfish Club. Additionally, Omakase NFTs come in seven different artwork designs, unlike the classic Flyfish membership which features a single design for all of the 2650 tokens.

Utility is king

Gary Vee is a huge name in the crypto space, and not only because of this latest NFT venture with Flyfish Club. His VeeFriends collection has been a top grosser in DappRadar Top NFT Collections rankings for months. 

Impressively, Gary Vee actively focuses on offering NFTs tied to experiences. With Flyfish Club, the NFTs grant access to exclusive fine dining experiences. With VeeFriends, the NFTs grant access to Gary Vee himself. In this sense, he is pioneering a new wave of utility in the NFT space. However, owning a VeeFriends NFT doesn’t offer any benefit for the Flyfish Club.

Utility is one of the key factors that determine the success of an NFT collection. As the space continues to develop, it is no longer enough to have cool designs and avatars. NFT collectors are now looking to join communities of like-minded individuals and benefit from exclusive access to either products or experiences. 

What Gary Vee has brought forward is a new wave of utility and exclusivity which will revolutionize the NFT space. Aside from being an avid NFT collector, Gary Vee is also exploring the boundaries of the space. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring both Gary Vee and Flyfish NFTs, as the collection gains more prominence. If you want to have access to the most up-to-date NFT sales data, check out DappRadar PRO. With PRO you can explore on-chain data from as little as the last 15 minutes. Additionally, you get access to exclusive Discord channels and discussions. 

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