FLUF World 33% Trading Rally in the Wake of $54M Investment

FLUF World 33% Trading Rally in the Wake of $54M Investment
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FutureScore is the key to token rewards in FLUF World’s metaverse

FLUF World recently witnessed a trading rally with NFT floor prices bouncing back following its FutureScore news and $54 million investment. Despite garnering less attention than other NFT projects like Bored Ape, Azuki, or Doodles, FLUF World’s roadmap stands strong in comparison. This article delves into the recent revival of FLUF World’s trading activities and examines its position within the NFT landscape.

Two years after the NFT frenzy, numerous projects have fallen into silence, disappointing their holders with low floor prices due to a lack of clear vision. However, FLUF World has been different from the start, pursuing ambitious goals since day one. They want to explore the metaverse.


FLUF World is among the earliest pioneers in the NFT space. In August 2021, the project introduced 10,000 fluffy-looking, 3D rabbit avatars. At a time when most NFTs featured 2D flat art styles, Fluf World’s unique design captured the attention of many.

Bluechip NFTs

After almost two years of development, FLUF World’s blueprint has matured into a more vivid and better-defined concept. The project recently unveiled the upcoming Futureverse and their FutureScore engine, both backed by their own metaverse-focused blockchain, Root. 

How will these developments impact NFT trading dynamics within the FLUF World community? Are they the key to unlocking the future potential of these NFT assets? Let’s dive into the data to see what it shows.

FLUF World’s floor price sees an uptick after several bullish news 

News on 18 July revealed that Futureverse, the ecosystem project behind FLUF Wrold, successfully closed a $54 million Series A funding round. This substantial investment will empower the project to build applications on its own Root blockchain while leveraging Ripple to enhance scalability.

Two days later, more exciting news followed as they teased the upcoming FutureScore. This point system will be intricately linked to FLUF World’s NFT assets, laying the foundation for incentive mechanics.

Fluf world news

These developments have positively impacted FLUF World’s floor price, nudging it upward amidst downtrending wider NFT market.

fluf world floor price

Positive growth in trading activities is evident across multiple NFT collections within the FLUF World ecosystem. Notably, FLUF World, the most valuable collection, stands out with a strong performance in trading volume, leading the way with a significant 33% increase, $166,360 in 7 days. 

The Burrows collection, representing virtual space in the ecosystem, has experienced the highest increase in average trading price. The number has shot up by more than 46%, now trading around $632. 

For further insights into the trading dynamics of major NFT collections within FLUF World, refer to the image below.

FLUF World nfts

Hype for  FLUF World or ROOT token airdrop? 

As mentioned earlier, the team behind FLUF World is actively developing its metaverse blockchain Root and the Futureverse platform. Will FLUF World NFT holders be among the first to receive ROOT tokens for free?

Perhaps not directly. The whitepaper of Root blockchain outlines the functioning of a FutureScore engine, and it helps determine the token rewards that users can claim.

This score is calculated considering various factors, including the types and quantity of assets held, the duration of holding these assets, their rarity, and the activities involving them. Additionally, social media activity can influence a user’s FutureScore.

While the specifics of ROOT distribution to FLUF World NFT holders are not explicitly mentioned, it seems only right that early ecosystem supporters are rewarded accordingly.

Calculating NFT holder’s contribution

During the minting process, FLUF World’s bunnies were priced at 0.09 ETH, resulting in a total collection of 900 ETH for the 10,000 bunnies minted. This translated to approximately $2.5 million in value at the time of minting. 

Over the past two years, the ecosystem has continued attracting traders, with a total trading volume of 46,306 ETH and secondary royalties generating an estimated revenue of over $6 million.

Notably, FLUF World’s ecosystem includes various collections, such as PartyBear, The Burrow, and Thingies, which all have contributed significantly to the project’s growth over the years.

Start earning ROOT with FutureScore Quests

What is FutureScore Quests?

FutureScore Quests are a series of interactive tasks aimed at fostering engagement and community growth. By completing these quests, participants can earn ROOT rewards. Notably, the Quests system is deeply connected with FutureScore, as the rewards are multiplied by the participant’s points.

Users can easily monitor their progress through FuturePass, a dedicated wallet for the Root blockchain.

Futureverse vs. other metaverse platforms

In fact, FLUF World is one of the earliest PFP projects to venture into the virtual land/space domain. Burrows, the virtual space collection, was launched amid the metaverse land hype in January 2022. 

Riding the wave, FLUF World witnessed a significant increase in trading activities during that period. Its trade volume reached a historical high of $32.7 million in January 2022.

FLUF world trading volume 2022

While trading has quieted down a lot since then, FLUF World remained committed to its continuous development.

It is worth noting that the Futureverse project was not a recent debut. The team actually announced its partnership with Ripple to develop a metaverse world on The Root blockchain nearly a year ago.

Compared with other metaverse platforms, Futureverse distinguishes itself with a dedicated blockchain, prioritizing interactive user experiences. The blockchain’s modular framework allows easy customization and efficient building.

Among its components are the Altered State Machine, which empowers AI capabilities, a DID SDK, the decentralized communication protocol called Sylo, and other innovative elements.

FLUF World’s metaverse vision endures amidst fading hype

Looking at the current market conditions, the metaverse may not be at its peak, and virtual land trading has experienced a decline in buying interest. According to DappRadar’s latest metaverse report, the second quarter of 2023 witnessed a substantial 81% decrease in trading volume, only reaching $56 million. Land sales followed suit, dropping by 75% to 35,522.

Dappradar metaverse report

However, considering the early stage of the metaverse, there is still potential for promising products to emerge.

Amidst these trends, FLUF World has stood out by continuously building and progressing its offerings. Recent indicators, such as the increase in the floor price and a rally in trading activities, suggest that some market participants have picked up its latest bullish moves. 

Most importantly, each new product launch reflects the project’s commitment to the long-term metaverse vision. As FLUF World expands, it becomes increasingly intriguing to monitor its development in the ever-evolving metaverse landscape.

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