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From 0.079 ETH at launch to 0.39 ETH right now

The floor price for the Superlative Secret Society has been going up slowly in the past weeks. SuperlativeSS is a new NFT collection made of 11,111 unique generative artistic characters. Its positive trajectory experienced several peaks, witnessing a bit of calm in the past several days. We take a dive into the project and its biggest collectors.

As time goes by, the NFT mania doesn’t seem to calm down. In an effort to emulate the success of the likes of Bored Apes Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, and CryptoKitties, a new player has joined the NFT field. Its name is Superlative Secret Society (SuperlativeSS) and its collection includes 11,111 unique ERC-721 items. The past month has been good to SuperlativeSS as its positive trajectory experienced several peaks, witnessing a bit of calm in the past several days.

SuperlativeSS – an introduction

While most NFTs in existence today are either humanoid, animal or robot characters, SuperlativeSS are different. These NFTs are programmatically generated art avatars, created using over 220 pieces of hand-drawn aesthetic artwork. 

Their creators call them the “metaphysical beings that inhabit the Superlative Multiverse and appear to us as pieces of art”. Each SuperlativeSS piece comprises eight core traits: galaxy glitter, foreground, background, head, body, necklace, muffler, and orb.

Joining SuperlativeSS gives individuals lots of perks. These include access to the Superlative Gallery and VIP Lounge in Bali, a chance to win signed 1/1 prints of your SuperlativeSS NFT, or a photograph or artwork of your choice. It also ensures creative and commercial rights, along with limited-edition merchandise (T-shirts, hoodies, and the like) to show off your SuperlativeSS art.

The SuperlativeSS Art Foundation is owned and run by the community, which means that 100% of its profits go to holders of SuperlativeSS NFTs. The community also votes on which art should be displayed in the Superlative Gallery, with 30% of its profits going to NFT holders.

Almost $10 million in trading volume

Since its launch SuperlativeSS NFTs have been sold 22.264 times, by 7025 traders. These sales were good for $9.72 million in trading volume. SuperlativeSS recorded the highest trading volume, transaction amounts, and the number of participating users on September 22, 2021. On that day, 1.38K users traded $1.15M worth of SuperlativeSS in 2.1K transactions.

Source: DappRadar

These NFTs were originally minted for 0.079 ETH each. Just now SuperlativeSS announced that the collection reached the milestone of 5000 unique owners. The floor price for the Superlative Secret Society NFTs has been going up slowly, now reaching 0.39 ETH. That’s the price of the cheapest ones in the collection, but the most valuable NFTs went for much more.

Major SuperlativeSS sales

At the moment of writing this post, the most expensive SuperlativeSS NFT sold to this date has been #9284, which sold for 10 WETH ($34,493). It is currently offered on auction at OpenSea, with the highest bid standing at $16,977.30 (5 WETH). 

Its current owner, known only as hyf, has 9 NFTs in their collection, with only one SuperlativeSS. Their other NFT possessions include five Lobby Lobsters, one Pudgy Penguin and its Pudgy Present, while the last NFT is a Humanoid.

The second-best sale is of SuperlativeSS #7889, owned by comsiccomsa, who currently has 96 NFTs, most of which are Mutant Ape Yacht Club. Their wallet has an estimated value of $663.000, driven by the value of their Bored Ape, Mutant Apes and Art Blocks NFTs.

Interests of SuperlativeSS whales

Some wallet owners believe more in SuperlativeSS’ success than others, which is evident in the sheer number of these tokens in their possession. The biggest whale owns 90 of these NFTs. On the second place in their SuperlativeSS possessions is the address timberpeak.eth (also on Twitter), which owns 50 of these NFTs. In third place, short by only one SuperlativeSS token is the wallet with 49 of these NFTs.

In total, the largest SuperlativeSS whale has 874 NFTs from 57 collections, including 326 Crypto Pixel Pets, 10 Bored Apes, and 35 Peaceful Groupies. Their NFT collection has an estimated value of at least $775.000 and you can follow them using the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker. It’s important to note that not all their purchases have been a success, since the 118 HashDemons in their wallet lost their value after the project turned out to be a scam.

Its runner-up has 126 NFTs from 11 collections, worth over $347K (especially worth following), most of which are: MoonBoyz (26), KingFrogs (24), and SupDucks (19). Our third contender has a total of 52 NFTs worth $42.7K and their only other NFT possessions besides SuperlativeSS are a couple of Avarik Saga Universe NFTs.

Most recently, they invested in…

NFT whales generally keep buying NFT collectibles, either for a quick flip or for a more long-term investment. However, they generally invest in NFT projects they believe in. In line with this theory, the owner of the most SuperlativeSS has most recently also bought several Dirtybird Flight Club NFTs, along with one GorillaNemesis.

The second-largest holder bought quite a lot of KingFrogs, a couple of Humanoids, and one CyberKongz VX. The third-largest holder, however, largely abstained from other NFTs and only bought two Avarik Saga NFTs four days ago.

We can see a CyberKongz acquisition as a long term investment. However, it’s probably interesting to keep our eyes on the action at Dirtybird Flight Club and KingFrogs. These projects have already some serious action in the past 24 hours. Dirty Bird Flight Club had $2.88 million in trading volume, while KingFrogs launched earlier this week and has been good for $12.5 in NFT trading volume so far.

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