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feudalz whales derivatives

NFT collection with limited supply finds traction with connoisseurs

New NFT collections have been flooding the crypto space for quite some time now, but one of these more successful collections in recent days is Feudalz. In the ocean of these digital collectibles, some have proven more popular than others. We wanted to learn more about the success of these Feudalz and see what else their whales have their eye on.

Feudalz is a collection of 4,444 unique collectible characters with proof-of-ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Their creators say they’re part of a modern movement of CryptoArt, with metaverse lands coming soon. 

Unlike the real-life historical inspiration that carries a somewhat negative undertone, Feudalz have emerged to protect their Peasants. According to the team, when the system has started to run smoothly, it has led to peace and prosperity for everyone.

$5.5 million in seven days

Feudalz are a very new addition to the crypto market, so they haven’t been in circulation for long. However, in the seven days prior to writing this post, their trading volume reached a very nice $6,13 million. This was the value traded through 8,768 sales by 3,433 traders. At the moment, this new collection has strong competition from other newcomers, like the NFT-based Wolf Game and the membership-only JRNY NFT Club V2.

Highest sale until now: 

At the moment of writing this post, the most expensive Feudalz NFTs sold include (in this order): #3574 (sold for 6ETH ≈ $25,166), #745 (sold for 5ETH ≈ $20,900), #3467 (sold for 4.9ETH ≈ $20,483), #3964 (sold for 3ETH ≈ $12,545), and #4433 (sold for 2.8ETH ≈ $11,709).

The current owner of the most expensive Feudalz NFT sold to date is known on OpenSea as JCapGenesys. This user owns 16 Feudalz in total but is also interested in Wolf Game NFTs, Noundles (two of the new players in the NFT field), Zunks, and PogPunks. You can follow their activities (as well as of other whales) using the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker

Feudalz whales also own other NFTs

Other notable Feudalz whales include joshbuckley.eth, the owner of a whopping 274 Feudalz. In total, they own 460 NFTs from 24 collections, among which is the super-expensive CryptoPunk #3720, with an estimated price of $1.03 million, and Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT #4077 worth $199,749. Their other, recently purchased NFT possessions include lots of Chain Runners, a few Galactic Apes, and a few Doodles.

Other whales are proud owners of CryptoonGoonz, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Rekt Cats, DeadFellaz, CyberKongz, and even some of the artworks from Damien Hirst’s collection The Currency. In short, it seems that the Feudalz whales appreciate fine art and established players in the NFT field. It could be worth following some of these Feudalz whales using the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker.

Recent purchases of Feudalz whales

Although the tastes of whales can be quite eclectic, and usually it’s difficult to narrow down what makes a person decide to invest, some patterns arise upon closer inspection of their recent purchasing behavior.

For instance, some of the Feudalz whales have also recently purchased lots of Society of Derivative Apes and LilBabyApeClub. They’re both new additions to the NFT market and, coincidentally, are considered the “copycat” versions of the big names in the NFT space. Considering that the well of ideas slowly starts to dry out, these copycat versions of famous NFTs might just be the future.

Nearly all of the top 10 whales also own lots of the super-successful Chain Runners, while some of them have also shown interest toward Noundles and Toddlerpillars – all of which are new additions to the NFT market. Most of these purchases are recent – acquired over the past five or six days. We also wrote about Noundles in our NFT Spotlight article.


The NFT whales keep to their own logic and patterns when it comes to their newest NFT purchases. Sometimes, the patterns are more obvious, such as the interest in the newcomers to the field or the copycat versions of big NFT successes – such is the case with the Feudalz whales who are, incidentally, also the owners of some other prized NFT possessions. 

Regardless of whether you think they have an ear to the ground in the NFT industry, their purchasing habits are worth considering when planning your next purchase. But just because they’re whales, it doesn’t mean they can’t go wrong, so use caution.

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