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A complete guide to the new card collecting game that’s now leading the SocialFi revolution

In this game guide we dive deeper into FantasyTop and how to earn in this market leading SocialFi game that has taken over X and changes what it means to be active on social media. We will dive into the game mechanics, the meaning of stars and rarity, and we will take a look at tournaments. 

Last update: 12 May 2024

Before we get started, we want to emphasize that this guide is not meant as financial advice. Moreover, because this is an early Web3 project that’s still in development, it’s very possible that the game rules may change. 

FantasyTop, sometimes written as Fantasy.Top and often abbreviated as FT, has lots of layers, strategy and complexity. This is lots of fun, but also makes it challenging to wrap your head around it. Let’s start with some basics.

What is FantasyTop? 

FantasyTop is a fantasy sports type of card game that taps into Web3 influencers on X instead of sports personalities. The game refers to these accounts as Heroes. Players need to obtain a deck of 5 Heroes, and then enter them into a tournament. These tournaments last a few days, after which participants will win prizes based on their rankings.

FantasyTop runs on Blast, a Layer-2 network on top of Ethereum. Users who bridge ETH to Blast, generate native yield. In addition, participating in the Blast ecosystem can earn you Blast Gold. Dapp developers receive this and can distribute it to their community, which is something FantasyTop certainly does.

The FantasyTop card game launched on Blast mainnet on 1 May 2024, after being on testnet for a few weeks. FantasyTop is currently in a public beta testing phase.

How to earn points in FantasyTop

Where classic fantasy sports games rely on real-world performance data, FantasyTop gives out points based on activity and engagement on X. The team keeps the algorithm secret, in order to prevent botting and other illegal activity. In general, the more views and engagement someone is getting, the better. However, FantasyTop has mechanisms in place to ensure that an account with 50,000 followers can still compete with an account with 1 million followers. Long story short, you will need to collect Hero cards from influencers that will give you a good amount of points. 

Every Hero card is an NFT

As mentioned, players need to collect at least 5 Hero cards to be able to make a team and enter a tournament. It’s important to note that every card is an NFT, giving players full ownership. You can find the FantasyTop NFT collection on Blast.

You can buy Hero cards from the secondary market, or purchase a pack which contains 5 random cards. FantasyTop launched with 123 Heroes, but already announced plans to add more. They expect to add new Heroes to the card game every few weeks. On 11 May 2024, the team announced that 40 new heroes had been added. 

However, not every Hero card has the same supply. Some cards may only have 50 prints, while others may have 1,000 or even 10,000 prints. In an ideal scenario you’d pick up cards with a low supply, from a Hero that has a consistent and strong performance on X. 

Hero card stars and rarity in FantasyTop

Every card currently has two attributes that impact their potential inside the card game. At the top of each card you see the number of stars, which ranges from 2 up to 7 stars. These star rankings change weekly, and depend on the performance of the hero on X. The algorithm creates a ranking based on engagement and views, and then cards will lose or gain stars based on their position within the wider community. These stars do not impact gameplay, but could serve as an indicator when purchasing cards. For example, you could buy a 2-star card in the hopes that it will upgrade to a 3- or 4-star one.  

In addition, every card has a rarity ranking, which could be common, rare, epic or legendary. Based on the rarity of your card, it will get a multiplier on your earned points. These are the multipliers:

  • Common: 1x
  • Rare: 1.5x
  • Epic: 2x
  • Legendary: 2.5x

To participate in a tournament, you will need to submit a team of 5 cards. During the tournament you will earn points based on the engagement and views of your influencers. During a tournament, the most base-points a card can get is 1,000. That would be the #1 hero in the tournament. Every other cards scores less points. If you would have a legendary card of the #1 hero, you would get a total of 2,500 points thanks to the multiplier. 

How to increase rarity of your FantasyTop cards

In FantasyTop there are two ways to get rare cards. This all starts with luck. When you open a pack of cards, you always have a small chance to receive rare, epic or legendary cards. However, most of the time you will get a common one. 

The second mechanic has a much bigger impact on the game. Players can burn 5 random cards at any time, to upgrade the rarity of another one. Generally you always level up one level, but there is a small chance that your card gets a double upgrade. 

  • Burning 5 common cards gives you a 98.9% chance to upgrade to rare. But there’s also a 1% chance to instantly get an epic, or even a 0.01% for a legendary. 
  • When you burn 5 rare cards, you have 99% chance for an epic card, and 1% chance for a legendary. 
  • While burning 5 epic cards always gives you a legendary card. 

Heroes may shill their own presence in the game

Users with a solid account on X can apply to be included as a Hero in FantasyTop. However, the team decides who joins and who does not. In the future it may very well be possible that the community can vote as well. Heroes have a reason to be active in the game. Not only leads their participation to wider adoption of FantasyTop, but they also receive half of the 3% royalty fee every time their card is traded on the secondary market. In addition, 10% of the card pack revenue gets distributed among all Heroes. 

Different tournaments and leagues in FantasyTop

FantasyTop offers and will offer different types of tournaments. Some of these have already appeared on mainnet, others have only been tested on testnet. It’s likely that variations of these tournaments will also find their way into FantasyTop at some points.

  • Open tournaments, where all cards are allowed
  • Common-only tournaments, where players can only use the common cards
  • < 50k followers tournaments, built around Heroes with a smaller following on X

However, these are tournaments. FantasyTop also offers Leagues. At the moment FantasyTop counts 5 leagues, but more may very well be added over time. Players start in the lowest Bronze league, and when they end up among the top performers they can be promoted to a better league. The higher your league, the better the rewards are. 

Prizes can be card packs or cards for FantasyTop, but also ETH or Blast Gold. In addition, FantasyTop utilizes its own native currencies as well: “Fan Points” and “Stars”. All these will also become part of a future questing system, allowing players to earn rewards for engagement and activity. 

Below an overview of the distributed rewards for the first Main Competition tournament, which took place during the week of 5 May 2024.


What are FAN Points?

So far, these don’t serve any utility. However, judging by the capitalization of the word FAN, it may refer to a future token. Therefore, FAN Points may very well be part of a future token airdrop. 

In addition, the team already confirmed that FAN Points will allow users to vote on who they would like the new heroes to be. This mechanic is normally limited to governance-token holders, which again suggests that FAN Points may have something to do with a token. 

And what are Stars?

Stars seems to be a soft-currency that players can use for an unrevealed lottery mechanic. According to the documentation, more collected Stars will result in bigger chance to earn rewards. 

Some tips before you get started

  • Cards that have seen a drop in stars, could very well be a good purchase. Maybe that influencer or content creator is on holiday, or maybe they are sick. These real-world events can impact FantasyTop scores, which also means you can potentially anticipate a bounce back.
  • There’s no immediate need to upgrade every card you have. You can always upgrade your Hero cards, but downgrading can never be done. Only upgrade cards when it’s really necessary.
  • Buy card packs insteads of secondary market purchases. Card packs can surprise you, and can potentially give you a real banger. However, when there’s high demand for card packs, the price goes up. So time your purchases well.
  • Very soon there will likely be multiple tournaments per week, which means you would need multiple teams to participate in each of them. Do with this information whatever you want. 

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