Explore Avalanche Dapps, NFTs, Bridges, and all EVM-compatible blockchains with Core

Explore Avalanche Dapps, NFTs, Bridges, and all EVM-compatible blockchains with Core
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The Core wallet supports 40+ fiat currencies and various payment methods

Ava Labs launches Core, a multi-functional, all-in-one wallet for Avalanche and all EVM-compatible blockchain ecosystems, providing users with a Web3 portal and a range of tools to enhance their experience.

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Avalanche’s vibrant ecosystem

Avalanche’s ecosystem has seen rapid expansion, with significant growth across multiple sectors such as NFT, DeFi, and Web3 Social. Furthermore, many dApps leverage Subnets, Avalanche’s innovative scaling solution, to upgrade to their own blockchains, aiming to optimize performance and improve user experience.

For example, DeFi Kingdoms, one of the industry’s most popular GameFi dapps, launched its blockchain, DFK Chain, using Subnets technology. The game-specific blockchain is recently approaching an average daily transaction number of 2 million.

Another high-profile project in the Avalanche ecosystem is Galxe, a Web3 credential infrastructure that uses gamification to help users learn about DeFi, find NFT deals, and more. In addition, Galxe helps users build their Web3 identity without compromising privacy by organizing and analyzing their on-chain activities. 

Galxe’s 30-day unique active wallets on Avalanche have skyrocketed, with over 50,000 wallets interacting with its smart contracts.

If users want to seamlessly and securely participate in the Web3 powered by Avalanche and reap the benefits, then having a Core wallet is an effective start. But Core is not just for Avalanche; it is the users’ gateway to all EVM-compatible networks.

What is Core?

Powered by Ava Labs, Core is the self-custody wallet for the Avalanche ecosystem. But, more than that, Core is an all-encompassing command center for Web3. It brings together Avalanche dapps, Subnets, bridges, and NFTs in a seamless, high-performance browser experience that allows users to explore the Web3 world in the smoothest way.

Users will find no cumbersome features when using Core. Instead, they simply install the Core browser extension and instantly experience its intuitive interface and automated tools for trading, viewing asset portfolios, and much more.

What features does Core have?

Core was designed initially to include promoting interoperability in the Web3 ecosystem, flattening the user learning curve, and driving the adoption of Web3 applications. As a result, it goes beyond a wallet and serves as a convenient platform for connecting all the Web3 elements. Core currently offers nine essential features, with more to come in future releases.

  1. Bridge. Users can bridge their BTC and assets from the Ethereum Network onto the Avalanche network with Core. 
  2. Swap. Powered by ParaSwap, Core allows users to swap hundreds of Avalanche tokens directly within the software interface.  
  3. Buy. Core offers over 40 fiat currencies for users to purchase AVAX, including credit cards, bank transfers, or Apple Pay, all powered by MoonPay.
  4. Ledger-enabled. Core is compatible with the industry-leading, secure hardware wallet.
  5. Portfolio. Users can view all their assets in a unified interface without adding token addresses or switching networks manually.
  6. Collectibles Gallery. It allows for NFT management and display in one consolidated portal.
  7. Subnets. Core provides native support for subnets, including DFK and Swimmer, with dynamic support forthcoming.
  8. Address Book. Users can create contacts to save frequently used, trusted addresses.
  9. Account Switcher. The wallet also lets users create and manage multiple addresses using the same recovery phrase.

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