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Built-in Decentraland, Decentral Games is the first-ever metaverse casino owned by its users and provides casino games in a 3D metaverse. Since its launch in December 2020, it experienced exponential growth of over 800 users and total bets of $8 million in just six weeks. 

Furthermore, in January 2021​, Decentral Games announced the addition of 400 Decentraland LAND parcels to their decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) wallet with a $500,000 USD market value. Now, DG token holders who create community proposals can vote to build casinos, games, art galleries, and more on any of the 400 LAND parcels in the DG DAO. It is hoped that this progress will secure future expansion and boost the platform even further.

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In the first ten weeks of 2021, the price of DG has increased 1935% from $17 to $356. Early March they even announced a collaboration with Atari, integrating their DG token into Atari’s virtual casino inside Decentraland.

Decentral Games also has inventive retention mechanics built in to entice users and allow them to play-to-earn. Features such as gameplay mining enable players to mine DG in return for playing games with MANA or DAI. Whilst liquidity farming enables liquidity providers to farm DG in return for providing liquidity in the ETH-DG Uniswap pool. Furthermore, as of late 2020 players may stake their DG in a specific contract to earn additional DG rewards. For a full guide to setting up a Metamask wallet to qualify for the rewards check out this guide.

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